Homeward Bound

Today is Airplane Day. We’re headed for New Jersey in about an hour (flying out of Newark). We have a several hour layover in Providence. If there’s net I may visit you from there. We’ll arrive in Seattle at 10 p.m. tonight and have a Kenmore Air flight into Friday Harbor in the morning. Won’t be back home until just after lunch time.

On the good news front. Our possessions have been heard from. They will arrive at our door 9 a.m. Wednesday morning — one day earlier than promised.

Finding an Apartment

I remember when I was planning to move from Lewiston, Idaho to Las Vegas, Nevada.  I knew no one in Vegas.  I was searching for an apartment online and knew nothing of the neighborhoods.  All I had was a city street map, a city transit schedule, and apartment rental ads.  I was terrified about where I might end up!

I actually used one of the national apartment finding services.  They provide reasonably thorough descriptions, almost always have photos and sometimes even have floor plans.  I managed to rent a decent apartment, but it wasn’t really in the best of neighborhoods.  I would have known that if the apartments ratings guide had been around back then.

Apartment Guide would have supplied me with the information I needed to choose a less industrial area which wouldn’t have been so dark and deserted at night.  The internet has changed the way people do business and plan their lives.  Places like Apartment Guide have made moving across country a little less risky.

I Want My Stuff!

You realize that while I am here in the fog and chill suffering a mega head-cold, most of my worldly possessions are taking in a leisurely Pacific cruise?  In fact my car has just completed it’s second such voyage. I will pick it and Amoeba up in Seattle on Thursday.

In the meantime I am here with things to do, and no way to do them.  For instance, just before it got packed up, my printer was wailing about being out of ink. Well, I just found this great place to get Replacement Dell Ink Cartridges, but I don’t have access to my printer and can’t remember what to order.  On top of that, I’d really like to print my new insurance paperwork, but — I repeat — my printer is on a leisurely Pacific cruise.


Pass me that box of Puffs Plus, will you?

Happy Dance

I just got off the phone with my insurance company.  The car has arrived in Seattle and I need to go and collect it, so I wanted to update my insurance to reflect my new address.

I called and told the rep I moved. She took all of my pertinent information. Then she put me on hold.  One minute she said.

After about 7 minutes she came back online and said it was going to be just another minute or two. I started to get nervous. I decided to do a NetQuote search to see what other options might be available.

Finally the agent came back online and told me she had just cancelled my Hawaii policy, and now we needed to set up my Washington State policy.  She started asking questions:

  • Will I drive the car from home to work every day?   ~No, I don’t have a job.
  • Will I be sharing the car with another driver? ~Yes, Amoeba.
  • If the car is to be primarily for personal use, would 12,000 miles per year be a reasonable estimate?  ~For this island?  Let’s make it 10.

Then she asked if I wanted coverage comparable to what I had in Hawaii.  Of course I said yes — and she told me it wasn’t available.  Washington doesn’t allow for limits that low.  In every case my Washington payouts well be at least $5000 more.  Plus, where Hawaii guarantees me rental car reimbursement of up to $30.00 per day, Washington State offers $50.

All these dollar signs are flitting through my head.  I am a nervous wreck waiting for my agent to give me the bottom line and NetQuote to spit out something reasonable. She put me on hold again.

Finally, after an eternity passed, she came back with my bottom line — a third more coverage for half the price. I kid you not.

So, our bottom line — twice as much house for half the rent.  A third more insurance for half the price.  Have I mentioned that I like it here? And there’s still the chance that NetQuote will come back with an even better answer.

Handy Helpers Wanted

I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “many hands make light work”.  I can personally attest to this in regard to my move.   I literally sat at the table and blogged while my house was packed.  The moving helpers wrapped, boxed and packed everything we own. It was an incredible sight to behold.

They secured our TV set in a special wooden crate, and wrapped my computer components with exquisite care. Then after all the wrapping, they fit everything into boxes and added padding.  The fellow that packed my kitchen wrapped every dish, individually, with padded paper — even the plastic ones!

Unfortunately, when they bring the stuff to my home, they are just carrying it in and putting it in designated rooms.  Right now there are only two hands scheduled for unpacking.  Mine.  Expect a telephone call …