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Punny Monday
Punny Monday

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August 25th, 2008 at 8:10 a.m. — Doug – Northbridge

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There is a bridge at Nanakuli Beach Park that seemingly leads to nowhere. It is brand new and beautiful. It spans Nanakuli Stream. It is parallel to — that is beside — Farrington Highway, and is blocked on both ends.

Nanakuli Bridge

Nanakuli Bridge

I found a reference in the minutes of the town council meeting granting permission to a boating club to use the bridge to bring their boats into the park. The minutes stated that the bridge would be open for club use transporting boats into and out of the park during the hours of the race. A police guard was to be posted to prevent non-sanctioned use.

Keep Out

Keep Out

The sign reads that the road is restricted to use by emergency personnel only. I could find nothing that stated why this fancy, expensive, new bridge would be built beside the old one, and then kept from use. We have speculated — maybe the new bridge has a structural flaw and can’t handle a constant, steady traffic flow. Maybe it was decided after the fact that the new bridge would move the highway too far over. The road leading from the pictured end of the bridge cuts through the park. The road leading from the other end of the bridge runs adjacent to the front yards in a housing complex.

Nanakuli Park Bridge

side view: Nanakuli Park Bridge

And maybe — just maybe — the bridge was built exactly for the purpose it serves. The current entrance to the park requires a 45 degree turn followed by another, immediate 45 degree turn. Some boats and rigs likely can’t make the narrow cut. This one allows rigs and trailers to roll straight in. They still have to make a 45 degree left turn, but that turn is managed in wide open space, not at the entrance to an overcrowded, undersized, packed parking lot.