The Balsams, New Hampshire

I need a vacation.  My stress level is a bit over the top right now and I seriously need some quiet time.  So, as you’ve all asked before, if one lives in Hawaii, where does one go on vacation?

I think I would love to go to The Balsams.  I am wanting to enjoy some beautiful fall foliage (Hawaii has none) and I saw a photo online which made me Google, hotel New Hampshire. Mr. Google referred me to a dazzling resort set in the rugged New Hampshire Mountains.

The Balsams has a family focused atmosphere.  I liked the idea of a peaceful place with gorgeous paths and natural beauty.  It will be so nice to go somewhere there is no concrete and sit alongside a huge, peaceful lake and just rest.  Or, if I felt like a bit of exercise I could rent a boat, or a mountain bike or just take a hike along one of the trails.  Of course there is golf for Amoeba.  I could never plan a vacation without including his favorite activity, too.  Another feature sure to please Amoeba, who as you know is a natural scientist, is that The Balsams run on alternative energy and are the only 4-star resort I know of to do so.

The Balsams also boast world-class tennis, unforgettable snow-skiing (seasonal, of course) and horseback riding.  The resort itself just oozes old-world charm.  On top of that, it provides an award winning, 4-star dining experience featuring 5 course meals in an elegant setting.  Live entertainment is provided as well.

I was ready to check into this place just after looking at the photos up on the web.  If you’re headed for New Hampshire anytime soon and looking for a place to stay, check out The Balsams.  If you’re looking for a vacation spot and haven’t made specific plans yet, check out The Balsams. This 8,000-acre property boasts something fro everyone!