Duck, Duck … Goose?

I wanted to feed the ducks.  I had saved bread crusts for three weeks.  Finally, OC and I were both off work before dark and could walk down to Paiko Lagoon Duck Sanctuary and feed the mallards so I could get them closer to my camera.  (Devious, I am!)   After feeding the ducks we planned to walk to the park and take a dip in the ocean, then stroll on back home — except, I wasn’t really home yet.  We decided all this over the phone while I was still in the the parking garage at work! I still had to stop at the bank and the grocery store on my way home.

(Insert Friday post here.)

Finally we were on our way!  I had my towel slung over one shoulder and my camera over the other.  OC had his towel rolled under his arm and was jauntily swinging the bag full of bread crusts.  Paiko Lagoon is about a quarter of a mile from our house — a nice leisurely stroll (except for the bit of King Kalanianaole Highway we have to hustle across).  Just as we crossed the highway, I noticed the ducks were not in the lagoon, but milling around in the middle of the crossroads a block inland.  There is a mess of construction going on there and the place is, well, — a mess!

We approached the flock.  These are wild ducks — supposedly — so we expected them to scatter.  Not so.  They recognized the bread sack dangling from OC’s hand and and crowded around him like hungry children.  We kept walking …

… they stood around for a moment looking confused, then they followed us, quacking loudly.
Hey!  Come back here with our dinner!

As we continued on toward the ocean, the ducks began to lag behind and turn away.
OC tossed a few bits of bread over his shoulder to reclaim their interest.

One contemplated the food value of my camera …

Finally we arrived at the beach and the feasting began!

For those of you who wish to notice that OC’s swim trunks are black with blue lotus flowers,
his shirt is blue with white snow flakes,
and his towel is turquoise stripes,
I promise I told him how hideous he looked,
but he still insisted on leaving the house.
I believe he also told me not to take any pictures of him.
Oops! 😉

OC bravely exposed his fingers to their teeth and beaks.

But for supposedly wild creatures they were surprisingly gentle.

And tame.


I must admit that  we were somewhat uncertain about this species of duck …

… or perhaps the uncertainly was his?

We spent so much time feeding the ducks
and then talking to a young Hawaiian fisherman
we never did get in for a swim,
but we did walk down to the park and catch the sunset
from Maunaloa Bay.

It was a lovely afternoon.