Try Wait

If you have spent any time in Hawaii, you have likely heard the phrase, “Try wait.”  It is an admonishment along the lines of “Hold your horses”, or “Keep your britches on.”  I’ve heard the phrase used here a couple times as well.  Yesterday I heard an old lady say it in the grocery store, although she used different words:

There was a little old lady in the grocery store yesterday who responded, “Exact change.” when the cashier asked her how she planned to pay the $63.72.  The little old lady then opened her purse and began counting one dollar bills. “One.  Two.  Three …”

Standing between that lady and I was a tourist.  After the old lady counted 63 one dollar bills, she started on the pennies.  The tourist came unglued.  He snarled, “Lady, I am only on this island until Friday and I don’t want to spend my entire visit in this d@mn line!”

The old lady stared at him for a long moment and then softly said, “Now I’ve lost count.”  She picked up the ones.  “One, two, three …”