Bridging The Gap

I could think of no better way to start Alice’s photo challenge and honor the name she’s given it, than to share this photograph of Admiral Bernard “Chick” Clarey Bridge.

Admiral Bernard Chick Clarey Bridge

Admiral Bernard “Chick” Clarey Bridge

This photograph was taken from the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri (Mighty Mo) from its Ford Island dock in Pearl Harbor. In front of you are the “tomb stones” of the battle ships sunk on December 7th, 1941 when Pearl Harbor was bombed. The building you see off the front of the ship is the U.S.S. Arizona viewing platform. Beyond that is the Admiral Bernard “Chick” Clarey Bridge. Please click on the photo to enlarge it.

Close to a mile in length, this bridge is one of six in the world built partly with a fixed structure and partly with a floating (pontoon) section. It connects Ford Island, which sits in the middle of Pearl Harbor, with Honolulu. Not just its size and the history of the area make this bridge special. It also bears the fame of coming in under-budget and ahead of schedule!

Thanks, Alice. This was a great idea!

And the Band Played On

The problem with video is finding a reliable uploader. Google spent four hours uploading my video and captured only two seconds of it. Youtube is still “uploading” and it has been over an hour. The video is only three minutes long! I am now trying Photobucket. Don’t hold your breaths for video.

Now — the photos — ugh. The band played on the fantail of the USS Missouri at high noon! All my pictures are light burned. My little point and shoot camera has no adjustment for bright sunlight or overcast days (I had a cheaper model which did, but Canon thinks it’s good enough to auto compensate. I have ruined photos that prove it isn’t so!)

An attempt to capture a photo of my favorite trumpet player.
He says he didn’t know he still had his phone attached to his ear.