Making Me Blue

Petroleum Pipe Line,
Barber’s Point, Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu has 16 petroleum pipe lines.  One stretches over the road to THE BOAT landing at Barber’s Point near Kapolei.  It is painted bright blue, perhaps to help it fade into the sky?  No chance.  It is there arching over the road and disappearing into the greenery — but the real eye sore is from whence it comes …

Here the patch of ugliness starts.  Just beyond this is razor wire and barren dirt/rocks (sorry that photo didn’t turn out well).  Of course, this site is deep in the guts of the business district and little more can be expected, right.  This is about profit and the tourists don’t hang out here, but Actually, much has been done to beautify the area — which is why this little section sticks out so.

5th entry
Project Blue
brought to you by Anna

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I am missing all of you and I am sorry if you are missing me.  We’ve come to the last two days of school and I am so busy I can’t see straight.  I am expecting to be short on time through Monday, at the very least, but hope to do some catching up on the weekend.  (Saturday is the church car wash.  Sunday is a gathering with friends. Monday the car has a doctor’s appointment which means I drive it into town and stay there ALL day.)