Inspiration to Stand

Amoeba got a belly laugh out of this.
Why don’t you have a seat and ponder why.
(You may have to biggie the photo to figure it out.)

As for me, I’ll stand.


Actually, I’ll be sitting — on an airplane winging my way back to Hawaii.  First thing in the morning, Amoeba and I are headed home — much sooner than either of us would like.  Unfortunately, duty calls.

Krystal Acres

Meet my friends.  They are all named Al.  Al Paca.  They live at Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm.  The farm is gorgeous and looks more like a park than a ranch.  The animals are all well groomed, well-fed and well loved.  We arrived at feeding time and we were permitted to hand-feed a couple of the beautiful creatures.  One cria was bottle-fed to help mom out.


As you can imagine, my camera was snap happy.  I took some wonderful pics and Amoeba did, too (which is how I got a pic of my hand feeding the alpaca).  At one point, I put the view-finder to my face and was adjusting the camera lens for a close up, when Oreo decided to investigate the camera. Even though her nose is a bit out of focus, this is my most favorite pic of them all.

Oreo -- Ms. Curious

If you ever get to San Juan Island, mark Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm a “must see” on your to-do list.

From One Island to Another

fhl-mapThe question was raised, if one lives in paradise, where does one go on vacation?  The answer to that is quite easy!  One goes to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington state!  I shall be flying out on Saturday evening — our own dear Thom is taking me to the airport.  For a peek at where I am going — and where Amoeba already is — check out the Friday Harbor webcam.

Some of you will remember Amoeba and I began our lives together just two years ago at FHL.  Here are the links to a few posts from that time — check them out for photos and fun (if nothing else it will make you really appreciate my new camera!):

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