One Wonders

What is she teaching her children?

Anacotes Ferry Terminal

Illiterate or inconsiderate?

Moments after I snapped this pic the woman’s husband and children walked up to her.  He pointed out the sign and told the children they could not sit down.  The mother didn’t move.  The eldest girl asked her, “Why can you sit there?”   The woman replied, “Because I am the mom.”

Elwha Reflections

Weekend Reflections

James, over at Newton Area Photo
hosts a fun meme called Weekend Reflections.
Grab a camera and play along.
And even if you don’t join us,
be sure to check out James’ dazzling photos.

This is the Elwha, a Super class ferry that moves people, vehicles and products between Anacortes and the San Juan Islands on Puget Sound in Washington State. The Elwha has been serving the people of Washington State since 1968. I took this picture from the balcony of a staff housing unit on the Friday Harbor Labs grounds as the ferry eased past Cantilever Point on its return trip to Anacortes.