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One Wonders

What is she teaching her children?

Anacotes Ferry Terminal
Illiterate or inconsiderate?

Moments after I snapped this pic the woman’s husband and children walked up to her.  He pointed out the sign and told the children they could not sit down.  The mother didn’t move.  The eldest girl asked her, “Why can you sit there?”   The woman replied, “Because I am the mom.”


  1. Monkey see monkey do monkey pee all over you ROFLMAO!!! Brilliant answer I think. We all got that same response growing up and I think we all do it now. Do as I say, not as I do. Good thing I have no kids LOL

    1. It just occurred to me that her husband and children probably noticed you were taking the mom’s picture. How embarrassing. I hope she doesn’t read your blog.

      1. Karen the husband and kids walked up after I snapped the pic. Neither she or her family saw me. If she reads my blog I doubt she’ll be dumb enough to identify herself. It isn’t as if we can see her face.

    1. Barbara — indeed. I can hear her in the future saying, “I don’t know why that child thinks the rules don’t apply to her!”

  2. wow!
    there are sooooo many places to sit at anacortes!
    one would think a chair or stool or pic-a-nic table would be a bit more comfortable.
    what was she waiting for?
    admonishment from someone higher up than her husband?

    1. Tilden — inside was full. There were tables just around the corner outside though. I don’t know why she chose to sit outside the bathrooms, except it was quiet there.

  3. What I’m wondering about is whether she knows you took this picture lol!!!! But seriously, that is pretty inconsiderate. It’s like all the people that wear their skates into the bleachers despite many signs we have posted at our rink. The skate blades just scratch up the paint job like crazy but everyone does it anyway.

    1. Teresa — I don’t believe she knows I took the pic. I didn’t ask for permission. These steps are right outside the rest rooms. They get a lot more use in Summer but this was kind of a cloudy, chilly day so not a lot of people were hanging around outside. For the most part the not sitting on the steps is a courtesy issue. People can’t use them to get to the bathroom if they’re covered in butts.

  4. Seems to me the members of Cruddy Mom Club spend a lot of time on the WSFS…love it that you posted her photo.
    One of the less than stellar moms I know always whines and says of her adult children “I don’t know what I did wrong…I don’t deserve this”, so far I’ve kept my mouth shut – don’t know if that’s good or bad.

    1. Shelly — yeah, there were another couple of moms who sat behind us on the ferry happily chatting while their very small children climbed over the seat backs and walked the length of the boat without touching the floor. One man mumbled something about a law banning brats from riding on the ferries. I think it is inattentive mothers who should be banned.

      My former mother-in-law once asked me why I treated her so much better (this was after I divorced her son) than her own kids did. The answer to that question was, “Because you didn’t raise me,” but of course I couldn’t say that.

  5. Come on you all, some times moms are just weary…and if she has the kind of husband who would point this out rather than come over and lift her up and love on her, she’s probably even more weary.

    Yes, inattentive mothers are really irritating. But as a mom, I can say, I have not watched my children 100% of the time to make sure they’re not annoying other people…

    I do love the photo because of the inconsistency…but I also have been a weary mom on vacation where there’s no place to sit, and I wanted to run away and cry…and I would have loved some grace…

    Just sayin’

    1. Kelley — I understand travel fatigue, but I am not certain it is a good excuse for breaking the rules in front of children. I know you can’t see it, but right around the corner, within just a few feet of where this woman is sitting, were a half dozen empty tables. She had to walk past them to get to where she was.

      However, my problem isn’t with where the woman was sitting. When I first snapped the picture I was just appreciating the irony. My initial reaction was to assume the woman was waiting for someone in one of the restrooms — and then her family arrived (from the parking lot, not the restrooms) and she let the girls know that the rules didn’t apply to her because she has privileges no one else has. That is what changed the way I perceived the incident.

      And, you may not watch your children 100% of the time to make certain they aren’t annoying other people (some people get annoyed at perfectly well behaved children) but I doubt you would ignore them for an hour and allow them to climb from booth to booth to booth on the boat and over and around and through other families. In the first place, your kids probably would have known better than to try that!

  6. Ahh — I thought I had read that there were no places to sit . . .

    as for the ferry, I agree that those moms were probably just self-absorbed. This one just looks weary…

  7. I’ve often said that the reason kids today don’t behave is that their parents haven’t grown up!

    I’ll never forget a seminar where a children’s minister shared about parents who came to her seeking advice for making their disobedient children do what they were told. The children’s minister pointed out that the staff had repeatedly tried to get the adults to quit parking in the No Parking zone, without success.

    The most aggravating one I heard was the private Christian school where many of the kids parked in No Parking spaces. It was in a neighborhood and sometimes driveways were blocked by their parking. One day a fed-up neighbor called the police, who came and ticketed all the cars. The parents called the church in such an uproar that the church paid the tickets. That just completely blew my mind.

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