Dear Wolfie

I was underwhelmed by my dinner.  My Rosemary chicken is better than yours.  And my mate said that my garlic mashed potatoes are way better.

~ Disillusioned Diner


We ate dinner here at SeaTac International  where we’re awaiting our flight to Boston.  The eatery was Vintage Washington, a little bar specializing in Washington State wines and Wolfgang Puck cuisine. We didn’t try the wine, but I can tell you that the unsweetened tea was good.  Alas, the food was merely mediocre.

Since the menu has Wolfgang Puck’s name on it, I was expecting something a little less prosaic.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the food was bad.  We paid a fair price for it and were served generous portions, but — because of the name recognition — I was expecting something a cut above mass produced fast food, and I guess it was, but just barely.

Would I have rather eaten at MickyD’s?  No.  An IHOP might have been nice, though.