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#55 — Four Trumpets & a Tuba

4 Trumpets & 1 Tuba, originally uploaded by quilldancer.

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6 Responses to “#55 — Four Trumpets & a Tuba”

  1. polona says:

    i’d love to hear them, too 🙂

  2. quilly says:

    Polona — I am not allowed to put up their sound recordings anymore. There is much fighting about who can and who cannot post music from the band. OC got so fed up with the whining and posturing that he almost quit. OC and I have even discussed the possibility that I may have to remove my photos from online. You notice I didn’t name the band?

  3. polona says:

    well, i didn’t really expect you to post the music 😉
    but yes, i understand copyrights and their possible consequences…

  4. quilly says:

    Polona — there was no hassel about posting music. Several of us asked for and were given permission to do so. Then one of the band members bought professional recording equipment and started editing and posting the music (cleaned up to sound studio perfect instead of live concert) and suddenly we amateurs were asked not to record anymore. THEN we were asked to pull the recording we did have of line. I did. A couple of the others got upset. Phone calls were made to lawyers. Now NOBODY can post any sound unless EVERYBODY signs a waiver.

  5. Andrew says:

    man I wish I could hear them!!!

  6. Quilly says:

    Andrew — a plane ride could make that possible.