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#159 — Aloha Tower

Aloha Tower, originally uploaded by quilldancer.

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4 Responses to “#159 — Aloha Tower”

  1. Jientje says:

    Somehow I always think “aloha” means “hi”?
    Gorgeous, that blue sky!!

  2. Lew says:

    What a great greeting to vistors to your islands! As to the geese, you are correct – there is water nearby. A creek is beyond the trees on the left and the river is about a half mile to the right of this field. The geese seem to prefer open fields for the night rather than water. They also find food (in this case corn missed by the harvester) in the fields. I see them in other fields around the county also.

  3. polona says:

    impressive. mind telling what purpose this tower serves?

  4. Quilly says:

    Jientje — Aloha is a verb — it is an action — the action of welcoming someone to yourself as if they were your own. When spoken as “hello” is is an offer of belonging. When spoken as good bye is is both benediction and a request to hurry back. One small word, a huge culture full of meaning.

    Lew — it is on the pier when the cruise ships dock.

    Polona — the Aloha Tower began life as a light house, but now stands upon pier Number One greeting sailors and shoppers as they pour into the Aloha Tower Marketplace (upscale mall).