14 thoughts on “New Digs

  1. OC- So, this comment is just a scientific experiment, and it wasn’t really for me. And yesterday in another experiment you deleted my comment from your place altogether (Okay, so you deleted the whole post, I can take it personally if I want to. Perhaps I should change my avatar to a guinea pig?)

    Try this experiment, OC — after you write your comment and post it, click edit and see what happpens. You just have to learn some different codes.

  2. I am glad you are still posting, and you are using a new site that you are happy wiht. I was going to move over here, but you say where I have the new blogger I cannot import my archives. I guess I am stuck with Blogger. To Quote Charlie Brown “Rats”

  3. Hey Quill

    I have created a new blog, over the weekend when I have more time I experiment with it. You can find the blog by visiting my old blog and clicking on the link

  4. Quill, one sentence per month and you wanted to use his to make him a liar. On the other hand, expecting a little boy to change for the sake of compliance is like expecting a big boy to, so maybe your instructions weren’t such a moral hazard.

  5. Hi C-

    Very good one as always. Sorry that your blog world has changed so drastically, but I like this site as I am able to read the comments and send my own with out getting the evil red screen as we call it here at my office for blocked sites. Good Choice!

  6. here to tell you that i love you. pls tell Jackie the same. i’m fighting back. giving it a good fight again. gave up on monday but tuesday it was better. i have kindey stuff now but breathing is better. specialits for lung on wed and so one step forward.
    your love and friendship are wonderful comforts to me. i don’t know what i ever did to deserve you but i’m so happy and grateful.
    happy new home. love you so much.
    i’m reading most of your post. i can turn my laptop to read but it’s hard to write at the keyboard. so don’t think i don’t know what you are writting. i’m here visiting you, just can’t say much.

    i love you. i thank you. pls tell Brookie i love her too. thank your for all the prayers and well wishes. they are making my world better. until soon my friend.

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