Odds ‘n Ends

First off, Blogger is down and I’m doing a happy dance because here I am posting!  Neener, neener, neener!

The heating pad is helping relax my shoulders. I am moving my head without losing my balance!  Yay!

But most important of all, my wonderful, adorable, darling niece, Brooke, has created a new blog header just for me.  Those of you who were missing the cats should now be feeling better.  Brooke has also abandoned Blogger and come on over to WP.  [hint, hint]

18 thoughts on “Odds ‘n Ends

  1. PS Quill

    Happy to hear the heating pad is helping, Last year when I had the “Woozies” it turned out to be an inner ear infection. I was off work for 10 days. Not fun

  2. Bill — Brooke, the niece who made the header, is waiting for the same thing.

    Dr. John — we all need a purpose in life.

    Bill — if it isn’t cleared up in the morning I’ll call the doc tomorrow for just that reason.

    Kat — thanks — twice!

    Gary — me, too. I have two Siamese mix darlings of my own.

  3. Your cat header is attractive … but it’s so … bucolic. So, idyllic. A real cat would be ashamed. Now these people, they know what it’s really like to be around a cat. They understand the Dark Side.

    ‘Scuse me [moves quickly, head ducked under] while I attend to Miss Kitty …

    Care to join me in a nice fat raspberry at Blogger? We gotta get it in quickly, before all the Blogger types who are rushing to get here overwhelm and crash the WordPress servers … I hope they’re really ready for this …

  4. Quilly-Sister,
    Brookie did a good job on the cats – looks nice.
    Glad you are feeling better.
    Now, doing a happy dance at someone else’s misery? Do you really think…? (Oops, I’m Jackie. Thought I was Caryl there for a minute!)
    Dance on, sister!!

  5. Brian — I am sorry you are sick. Get well soon.

    OC — Christmas and Fluffy were very interested in your true opinion of them. Next time it may take them longer than three days to warm up to you.

    Jackie — If I weren’t laughing so hard, I would say, shame on you!

  6. Oh shut up! just kidding as I sit here slaving away. The header is cute. I so want to up date mine, buy I’m a computer moron, I have to get my step daughter to help when she moves in. She is a whiz!

  7. Glad you feeling better Quilly. I wont be one of those bloggers rushing over the WP because I specialise in inertia…a body at rest tends to stay at rest, a body in motion tends to stay in motion, a body in blogger (my body at least) tends to stay in blogger…Reebok, the physics behind the physiques.

  8. Jill — I lack not the talent, but the programs to do that fancy kind of stuff — and the time.

    Jenn — LOL! Blogger is down so much that a blogspot blogger at rest has to stay at rest.

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