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The heat is on in my classroom. In fact, it is working so well, that tomorrow most of my kids will be wearing shorts and sleeveless t-shirts.

Still no Internet: there is a worm in the system, and with almost 200 computers on site it is hard to destroy. Our tech guy cleaned the server for the umpteenth time, then shut it down. Without it up, none of the computers work. However, he’s not turning the server back on until every single computer that connects to it has been debugged.

And, for those waiting for an update on the Valentine’s Day roses — keep waiting. I’ve yet to hear from O’Ceallaigh. When we spoke this morning he’d not yet received them, and he was going to be out of his office for the day.

Updated update: (8:30 p.m.) OC has been told that the flowers did arrive, but he has not yet seen them. They will be waiting for him when he gets to work in the morning.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Glad to hear the heat is back on and you are not feeling the cold. You’d think the school would have a better system of keeping nasty virus’s and worms out of the system.

    Hope you are online at school soon.

  2. I am glad the heat is on even though now it is too hot….just cannot win, huh?

    Wanted to let you know the art project i sent in on the day you inspired me with your writing being selected as top prize did not get selected….but I do not feel bad because I read a book I wrote to my son’s kindergarten class and his teacher wants me to publish it! Can’t get a better endorsement than from a teacher, right? Now I have to figure out how to publish it. I may have some connections with the Blindness Foundation.

    (I will try the art project again next since I have a ll year to think about it where as this year I had two days before the deadline).

  3. Bill — there i$ a better way. But they don’t want to make the nece$$ary adju$tment$.

    Lori — this is Vegas — only the casinos win.

    As to your art project — yep — time. I’m glad you aren’t giving up. And get that book published!

  4. Ohhhhhhhh I am SO relieved the flowers arrived! I was really fearing I would have to request a special collection at church this week so I could bail my dear Quilly out. I sure hope they are some BEATUTIFUL flowers! And I hope OC will be sO SURPRISED!!!

  5. Gawpo — that worm would probably finish destroying an already stressed echo system.

    Kat — hooray is right — for both the heat and the roses!

    Melli — don’t send bail. All is well. But thanks for the thought.

  6. Hey I actually made it over here to read your blog and say hey!

    1.Remember: nomatter how hot it gets in the classroom, stripping is NOT a good thing!

    2.I gave dh silk boxers and a steak dinner for valentine’s day….on the 7th, ok so I am not so good at waiting as you.

    3.What should I line my wheelbarrow in? (hehehehehehe)

  7. Positive spin: If the sending of flowers is a symbol of love, yours will be long lasting.

    Oops, I just poked myself in the eye with an arrow.

  8. hey, maybe you could invite him to your classroom after hours…I mean it is warm, people de-layer…just sayin’.

    I love it when women can give men flowers, and tehy a tough enough to like it so internetly 🙂

    and Doug, that was scary!

  9. Jan — I hope you’re feeling better — well enough at least to explain the wheelbarrow comment.

    Walela — I can only assume you’ve learned to type, because the first half of that comment sounded optimistic — and therefore couldn’t have come from Doug!

    Polona — if wishing could make it so, that would be the deadest worm ever.

    Minka — I invite OC here constantly. He says the commute to work (his) is prohibitive. Pft.

    Silver — you and me, too!

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