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The Thinking Blogger Award

OC is forever comparing his blog stats to mine and wailing about his lack of popularity. I chide him a bit, and tell him it is because of the T word. You know, the one we all try to avoid: Think! So that really makes what I am about to say next incredibly ironic:

On Monday, Silverneurotic awarded me with The Thinking Blogger Award. She said some very flattering things about me, and asked me to pass on the award to five other deserving blogs.

Here are my selections:

First, because it was first in my blogging line up of blogs that make me think, I nominate, Waking Ambrose. The host of Waking Ambrose is a curmudgeony Dawg who goes by the name Doug. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays he channels Ambrose Bierce and challenges his readers to redefine words from Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary. You have to be on your toes to keep up with this crowd. At WA, the comments are the place to be.

Wednesdays this year are potpourri. Some days we get fables. Often we get poetry. We’ve even gotten memes. On the weekends, the Dawg corrals a collection of words and presents his readers with a story — both oral and written. This year Doug’s wonderful stories are being read by the guests who frequent his blogs. One of my favorite stories is here: ( An Honest Man). Listen to the audio and see if you can figure out why.

* * *

Second, I nominate, Belle of the Brawl — always a first class lady — because her blog came second in my line up of blogs that make me think. BotB, hosted by Sar, explores todays hot topics in a no holds barred, yet somehow civilized way. Sar, a busy wife, mother and college student, isn’t posting as often as she used to, but she hasn’t lost her ability to stir the embers of controvery. Take a look at, Do Ask, Do Tell, and see what I mean. Like WA, the comments are the place to be on this blog.

* * *

Third, I nominate Dr. John, of The Fortress. Dr. John’s blog is a lot of fun, but he is a retired pastor (and as I’m sure you know, pastors never really retire) and often he has insightful kernals of Biblical widom that enlighten without preaching. Dr. John is a regular kind of guy living out and sharing his faith with humor and joy. He hosts Leave a Comment Monday, and everyday he highlights a new blog, often sending traffic to visit — and comment — on the site of someone he doesn’t even know. Dr. John also has a little town that lives in his garage, and everyday he relates the events in the lives of the citizens of said town.

* * *
Fourth, I nominate Gawpo of, The Annals of Gawpo. While reading Gawpo’s blog you will gain insight on making pottery, making music, making friends and flying high. As with a couple of my other favorite places, the comments are definately the place to be. There’s a party happening there!

* * *
Last, but definately the favorite of my favorites, I nominate, O’Ceallaigh’s Fellofatruck Publications. This blog provides an eclectic diet of humor, political commentary, humor, science, humor, personal reflections and humor. If you want to laugh while having your consciousness raised, Fellofatruck Publications is definitely the blog to read.

Every Sunday OC takes a well-worn word, and defines it in new and insightful ways. Some of my favorites include: dock, imagination, melancholy and vocabulary. Wednesdays OC usually expounds or laments some current state of world affairs or politics. On rare occasions he opens up and shares bits of himself, like his two part story of learning to ride a bike (one, two); or his fear of land crabs. Just recently he has added the Three Dot Friday column. These are easily my favorite posts to read, though the one that especially touched me was Three Dot Friday IV, because of the piquaint and revealing last paragraph.

* * *

The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Dude. You call yourself popular? Heck. This is only your second comment. LOL!

    Thank you so much, Dancer of the Quills. I am DEFINITELY going to delve. I have four places to go, STAT. We thinkers think that thinking is like a thought that someone who thinks about thoughts should think about. And stuff. See how deep I am? Huh? See it? Good.

    Maybe I should stick to flying. It’s easier……(inserting a Dustin Hoffman sheepish smile from The Graduate here)

  2. hmmm … do I detect some misdirection with that Penguin comment? What’s going on down in Santa Clarita, anyway? Walela … Walela?!? Bad dog!!


  3. Well… I am SO glad you got this award! I’ve been stopping in at Doug’s blog, but I had not yet been able to figure out exactly what it was we were supposed to DO with the words…. so… this is helpful!

    I have been to Dr. John’s a few times … and to OC’s a few times — the other two I have not, and I certainly will check them out! I want to take a pottery class — so Gawpo is going to be a MUST! 😉

    And… CONGRATULATIONS Quilly! I do believe you ARE a great thinker … and you usually bring about a thought or two from me too!

  4. Thank you all for not being surprised. So far no one has choked in indignation and exclaimed, “What?! She nominated you? Inconceivable!”

    Bazza — that’s quite an admission from someone who pretends to be dense!

    Gawpo — yeah, I left out a few people I didn’t want to, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to nominate one, if not two of them.

    Minka — are you trying to steal my voice? Right now I sound like a frog (allergies) and you can have it!

    OC — That Dawg needs to take the computer away from that Penguin.

    Melli — at Doug’s blog you’re just supposed to have fun with the word. He tries to keep us all on topic, so the word of the day should be used, defined or alluded to in your comment.

  5. Wow, thank you Quilly! I’m truly honored that you think so kindly of BOtB and included me among your admirable list of nominees.

    Thanks for the generous nod, and the continued encouragement (I’ll incorporate this meme in my next post), my fine feathered friend! 🙂

  6. Sar — hey, your blog and WA were among the first intelligent blogs I found on the web that actually encourage thought and differing opinions. Many “thought provoking” bloggers are provoked by people whose thoughts differ from their own.

  7. hey, congrats on a well deserved award!
    will have to check on those other blogs (have been lurking at OC’s occasionally)

  8. Quilly, that was Doug commenting above… I have kidnapped his computer ans every time I take a nap he is allowed to comment fr a few minutes. Soemtimes he forgets to log out of my profile and march into his. He is quite simple really!
    I like your choices and have to check out one or two I haven’t encountered before.

  9. Minka — oh dear. You have befuddled the Dawg. You are such a naughty Penguin!

    Thanks for enlightening me. That comment, coming from Doug, means something entirely different then the same words coming from you!

  10. I feel so honored . I have to thank my wife Betty without whose support I couldn’t blog. I want to thank all my doctors if they hadn’t kept me alive, I couldn’t have received this prestigious award. I want to thank my sister, who has a blog, for her help. I want to thank my son Patrick, who got the family started in blogging. I want to thank blogger whose marvelous service keeps the blog going. I want to thank all the little people, fairies and leprichauns for their constant suggestions. I want to thank the voices in my head that tell me to keep blogging and give me ideas. Finally I want to thank Quilly for having given me this honor.

    Since all blogs make me think as I have a very low think quotient I will tag nobody or award nutin to nobody.

  11. I will definitely check some of these out. Well, the ones I don’t already know about.

    My blog makes you think, “Wow, I’m never going to get that 5 minutes back.”

  12. Nominate? I can nominate? You have a cool Thinking Blogger thing and stuff. This is like sending off snail mail. I freeze.

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