22 thoughts on “I Gotta Quit Listening

  1. Looking for the unflavoured diet water? Hmmm. Okay, it’s intense stupidity, but perhaps also a good marketting idea, eh? Buy water at one price, put a sticker on it that says “Diet” and sell it at twice the price. Oh, and it’s 100% fat free also!!!

  2. Morgan — one of the girls actually asked if they were all fat-free. I didn’t put that in the post because I fugured no one would believe me.

    Doug — makes you feel all warm and snuggly and secure about the future of the world, doesn’t it?

    Helen — yes. Put the glass of water down and slowly back away.

  3. ‘Diet water’ ?? Wonderful……You have given me a good business idea Quilly, I think it will sell, can’t wait to get the patent. Who knows I may even get a Nobel Prize.
    Happy Easter Quilly !

  4. Remember it is better to walk away sometimes than to stay and comment. I wouldn’t want to hear about you having an accident laughing too hard at them 🙂

    Diet water, now I heard it all, I swear.

    A Happy Easter is wished for you

  5. Dr. John — your optimism and encouragement is inspiring. (You made me laugh out loud.)

    Rauf — here in America it is already on the grocery store shelves.

    Silver — now appearing in a supermarket near you.

    Polona — indeed.

    Bill — I found your comment in my Spam folder. I have informed it that you are not spam. There were two of them, but since they were almost identical, I erased one. And I pretty much decided there was no point in trying to talk sense into anyone who would actually buy “diet water.”

    Snay — see my comment to Silver. The fact that somebody thought up the idea of marketing water as a diet drink doesn’t surprise me, but I am shocked by the number of people who seem to be falling for it.

  6. Per a comment earlier, human stupidity isn’t truly infinite, it’s just so vast that it’s easy to underestimate. Specifically:
    – Two heads are better than one, proportional to the square of the number of heads. So N people are smarter than one person by a multiple of (N)^1/2.
    – Two heads are also dumber than one, proportional to the square of the number of heads. So N people are N^2 times more stupid than one.
    This is why anything designed or built “by committee” can immediately be dismissed as useless.

  7. Melli — I find the fat-free lettuce is stringy, but the reduced fat lettuce isn’t too bad.

    Morgan — That was perfect! I laughed all the way through it, then read it aloud to OC.

    Mumma — you signed it on March 28th comment. Do you want me to remove it? WordPress allows that and I’d be happy to clean it up — and all the rest of this, too — just like it never happened.

  8. they must be related to this guy- I was explaining to him that he needed to supply our office with an inchXinch picture of himself in order to get a half-fare card. He replied, “Now this inch by inch picture, is that square?”

  9. No, it’s ok. I don’t think any creepy stalker people are going to find me from this occurrence!

    I’m in the habit of signing off on my forums and most of the time I catch myself here and delete it, but I guess I forgot that time.

  10. Cindy — many people do not know that think should be a prerequisite to speak.

    Mumma — Just the same I’ll fix it. Then you won’t have r3ason to be uneasy — but I’m rather busy so I may not get to it right away.

  11. There is a lot left to be said on teh issue of ear plugs…in teh right place at the right time…
    When in California, close to Hollywood Boulevard, there was a girl noisely talking into her cell in the most fake British accent you might ever here…everybody starred at her, when teh phone started to ring…….

    I laughed!

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