Racing engines.

Screaming tires.

Shrill sirens.

Lights flashing blue-white-blue.

Helicopter whomp-whomping over-head, it’s halogen eye turning night to day.

I’d like to tell you how many times this has happened in the 18 months I’ve lived here, but I’ve lost count. I’ve also lost sleep. The sun is up, it’s time to start the day, and I am so tired my body is trembling. I am nauseous. And already it is too hot for sleep.

I gave my 30 day notice on June 1st.


21 thoughts on “Awake

  1. OY! I hope those sirens aren’t heading to my house!

    YAY on the notice!!! Oh, it IS getting close now, isn’t it!? I’m so thankful for the internet. I won’t even realize you’re gone! (well… just for a few days… probly…)

  2. Quilly…Sirens…Flashing lights…Whomp, whomping helicopters. If you watched more TV, you would have known what to expect. At least you were spared all the blood:-)

    You’ll be leaving all that behind, (They say, what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.) to enjoy the serenity of waves and gentle breezes. I hope your new place isn’t too near Hawaii 5-0……………Judy

  3. Before having a baby I would have slept through all of that noise. I could sleep through a cyclone. In fact, I’m pretty sure I did once.

    Good luck with packing & moving! I’m sending you my best motivational vibes to get it all done quickly!

  4. Doug — nah, I thought I’d spend the summer in the San Jan Islands with OC, then move to Hawaii. I know Pahrump would likely be more exotic, but hey, I’m willing to sarifice for love.

    Melli — I suppose my blogging patterns will change. OC just changed his big time!

    Judy — this afternoon I wokle from my nap to noise in my driveway, and looked outside in time to see two officers tackle a guy in my yard and spread eagle him on the back of my car.

    Gawpo — depends on whether or not they find the body …

    Nessa — since I still have 47 years worth of crap to sell/pack/ throw away, the month will go by damn fast!

    Polona — I am hoping the car and I roll out of this town on the 25th.

    Dr. John — [dripping sarcasm] thanks.

    Mumma — before moving into this neighborhood I would have, too.

  5. Not too many helicopters at Friday Harbor, Quilly. Seaplanes. Unless the company’s gone belly up. Which is possible given the price of gas these days. And they don’t fly after dark. Bring a flashlight, so you can see where you’re putting your feet after dark (that’ll be a change from the urban jungle, now won’t it).

  6. Hi Quilly, I’ve not been around for a while, but now I’m back and you’re moving?. It sounds positive, I hope it goes well for you. I hope your move and other life changes don’t change your blogging routine too much, as visiting your blog has become a part of my routine.

  7. Oh Quilly, I can understand that. When I went to California in MARCH; there were moments when it was way too hot for a Penguin from Iceland. Hope your flippers find new ground soon.

    On teh other hand, this heat makes you very poetic 😉

  8. I hope you feel better. Good luck with everything you have in front of you…are you leaving in 30 days as well, or is that just your “official” last day of work?

  9. Nothing like a bit of city excitment 🙂 It is difficult to imagine this big move. I am sure you have many tangled emotions for such a change. I can hardly wait for your postings that have us dripping with jealousy and longing. You will lead us all by the string of your words into new adventures!
    Best wishes XXX OOO

  10. OCafter darl? I had fogotten such a thing exists.

    Bazza — I am moving, but I have no immediate plans to leave the blogosphere.

    Minki — you might want to stop by Vegas sometime in the summer. It was 104F yesterday.

    Kat — nap? That’s an interesting word. What does it mean?

    Silver — I plan to be in Friday Harbor on July 1st.

    Pauline — it is hard to say good-bye to the history I have here, but one has to let go of the past in order to be part of the future. –And I do love your way with words!

  11. Jackie — I’m leaving here the 25th. That meansd I should be home sometime on the 27th — and in Seattle, headed for Friday Harbor on the 1st.

    Doug — I plan to change my investment plan, and buy stock in Gold Bond Medicated Powder.

    Morgan — burnt crispy is burnt crispy whether one’s been basted or not.

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