When Is ‘Enough’?

This morning a NY Times article reports that many people are tired of 9/11 tributes. Enough has become too much. They want us all to just forget and move on. Yeah.

Tell that to the people in the twin towers; the people in the pentagon; and those on flight 93. Tell it to the policemen, firefighters, paramedics and other citizens who gave their lives while attempting to save others. Better yet, tell it to their families, those people forever waiting for loved ones that will never come home. Tell it to the sons and daughters who lost a parent — or two. Tell it to the mothers, fathers, wives and husbands who wait in vain for the sound of a voice or the gentle touch from the hand of their beloved.

If, as a nation, we really wanted to put the memories of 9/11 to rest, wouldn’t our energies better be spent working toward peace? What we should be saying ‘enough’ to is hate and violence. Then those who died in the attacks and the aftermath of 9/11 — including the soldiers still dying now — really could rest in peace.

In the meantime may we always remember that privilege should breed responsibility. Unfortunately for too many Americans all it seems to produce is insouciance.






The first swallow of my breakfast this morning was one too many.

OC tucked me into bed, kissed me on the forehead and told me to stay there.  I was up before he left the house for work.  I have things to do today.  I will be sick later …. if I can find the time.


Racing engines.

Screaming tires.

Shrill sirens.

Lights flashing blue-white-blue.

Helicopter whomp-whomping over-head, it’s halogen eye turning night to day.

I’d like to tell you how many times this has happened in the 18 months I’ve lived here, but I’ve lost count. I’ve also lost sleep. The sun is up, it’s time to start the day, and I am so tired my body is trembling. I am nauseous. And already it is too hot for sleep.

I gave my 30 day notice on June 1st.


If Found, Promptly Return To Owner

I am tired. I am sick. I am cranky. And I am an idiot.

I am also near-sighted. In fact, I am so near-sighted that if I take off my glasses I cannot find them again without putting them on to look for them. That is why I always have an extra pair. This morning that extra pair saved my day.

I woke, reached for my glasses — and they weren’t where I always leave them. I leaned over the bed and squinted at the floor. Too dark. I grabbed the flashlight and shone it along side the bed and the bookcase. No glasses.

I leaned over farther still, and shone the flashlight under the bed. Big deal. I couldn’t see more then six inches in front of my face. I went and retrieved my other pair of classes from the drawer below the computer monitor, then I returned and looked under my bed. That’s where that roll of packing tape went! No glasses.

I sat and thought. When did I have my glasses last? I got in bed and read for an hour. I don’t remember turning off the light. Could I have gone to sleep without taking my glasses off? I took the blankets off the bed and shook them, one at a time. I took the top sheet off the bed. Then the bottom sheet. Then the pillows. I took the mattress off the bed. Then I took the bed off the bed. Damn. Somebody should vacuum under here — but no glasses.

A glance at the clock told me I was pushing my time limits. I headed for the shower — pausing to give all the flat surfaces in my bathroom a good look. No glasses. I wore my old pair all day. The prescription is off, and they don’t have bifocals, but they’re still better than no glasses.

Tonight I came home and searched my bedroom again — inch by inch. No glasses. I don’t get it. Glasses don’t just leave. And I can’t go far without them, so where were they?

I gave up, made my dinner, then sat down to my comp and had a lovely chat with OC. After the chat I decided to go to the store and get some Musinex. Except, as I was leaving the house I thought about that dinner I’d eaten. The salad had onions. I went in the bathroom and brushed my teeth.

While brushing my teeth I spotted the hairspray bottle and remembered it was almost empty. I needed more … or did I? I opened the medicine cabinet to look for an extra bottle — and there were my glasses. I have no recollection of putting them there. None. Zip. Nada.

I don’t remember turning out the light last night. I don’t remember going to sleep. I remember making a cup of hot tea, carrying it and my book into my bedroom, curling up to read, and waking up this morning.

At least I’ve found my glasses, but if any of you find where I left my brain, would you send it on home?


I don’t know why Blogger is refusing to paragraph the post below. I do know that I am tired of fighting to post. Ladies and gentlemen, Quilldancer has left the building.

You will find me here: Quilly’s Quips & Quotes, at Word Press. I haven’t learned all I need to to be competent over there, but at least the mistakes will be my own!

The blog has a new name, and a new look, but the content will remain the same. I hope to see you there!