10 thoughts on “News Flash

  1. Thanks, Bill.

    Polona — I like it over there! Thanks for stopping by to “friendly” up the place.

    Jackie — you will like it there!

  2. Doug — I don’t know what kind of camera you have, but mine doesn’t have the proper magnification for taking pictures of Friday Harbor, Washington while I am at Loch Ness. Sorry.

  3. Quilly, are you still going to be writing irreverent stuff? I need my dose! All this moving stuff has been far too staid for my liking. 😉 What’s the go with work in Hawaii? Are you going to be teaching? If not, I will sincerely miss your classroom anecdotes.

  4. Melli — glad you liked it. Check back often.

    Mumma — the irreverent stuff stems from frustration and disappointment. I’ve not had any of that here. Sorry. As to Hawaii, I definitely plan to teach, but have to be on island to apply. Since we are going so close to the beginning of the school year (late August), I may have to sub this first year.

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