Rooms with a View … Or Two

Morgan wanted to know how close we are to the beach. Well ….

If you step on to the lanai and look right, you can see the sea.

Of course, you don’t have to look right (west). You could just look straight ahead (South).

Or you could look left, into the mango trees. No mangos just now. Sorry.

If the mango tree doesn’t thrill you, shift your view a bit and gaze at the Rainbow Shower Tree.

Or look down.

And for the flower lovers a close up of the blossom on the bush down there.

Then, once you’re bored with the lanai views, you can step out onto the porch and look to the North.

Our neighbors, above and to the right.

The ridge behind us. That bit of eave at the bottom left of the photo is the northeast corner of our guest room.

The place where the car would have been parked had it been home when I took the photo.

An last but not least, the offspring of one of our many colorful neighbors …

Junior Peacock, playing on the laundry cabana roof.

15 thoughts on “Rooms with a View … Or Two

  1. I love it. Too much fun. Happy for you! Do you get Geckos in your room? Should I send my Scuba (snorkel gear)? I adore the islands and the marine critters. Oh, and hey, if you go off the rocky coast of the big island on the hlo side where captain cook landed, you can find a BIG AUTHENTIC aqua marine engangement ring that i lost.

    Enjoy…I am happy happy happy for you!

    Preserve the coral! It is imperative to the marine life!!!

  2. Cindra — no Geckos, thanks. I had enough of them in LA. Here they live outside and don’t find it necessary to move in. I’d love the snorkel gear, but not if you still use it. I think if your ring is going to be found it has been — hopefully not by Gollum. As to preserving the coral — I live with a Marine biologist ….. he’s pretty much into preserving everything but people. People, you know, are causing the problems.

  3. LOL! OC and I would really get along. Someone today made a reference to “other people” to which I replied,” Ah other people, they’re the worst kind of people!”

    OC dives, yeah? He must!

    Should I be worried or impressed that I’ve been mentioned by name in two people’s posts this week?

    Any way, those are GREAT pics! The ocean is a short walk in either of two directions. Wow! I hope you’re as happy with your new place as that peakcock is proud.

  4. Ohhhhhhhh boy! I really need to save my pennies faster! I just can’t believe you have pretty little peacocks strutting around carefree! AMAZING! Quilly? Are you just awed by all this? I am awed by the photos… I can’t imagine living it!

  5. The rainbow shower tree is an amazing pic. Wow…and boy ar eyou close to teh water…is it possible to swim in it, temperature wise. Youc an tell by my quetsioning that I have never been to Hawaii, nor done much research ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. sigh. dreamy pictures — and yes, i AM jealous that you get to live in one of my most favorite places in the WHOLE world, and i, alas, do not. d’oh!

    okay, i’m actually happy for you guys. that doesn’t mean i’m not just a teensie bit green with envy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Morgan — OC no longer dives. Something to do with his lungs ….

    Brian — I have yet to get tired of that view. And every afternoon after school a group of kids do their homework together at that picnic table.

    Melli — I keep telling OC that peacocks are a delicacy and we’ll be having one for dinner soon. He says, having seen what the peacocks here eat, that I should let him know what evening that is so he can make other dinner plans.

    Minka — the water is about a mile away. The temperature is around 70 degrees. A mite warm for penguins. Start doing your research, you just might want to visit here next.

    Neva — come visit. I’ll meet you at the airport. Just send me the flight and time. Oh, and bring Minka ….

  8. You do live in a pretty part of the World, now you shouldn’t have to worry about scraping the windshield of frost, or the heat not being in your class when it is cold. I suppose you get the nice breezes off the ocean. One Question is Hawaii the same as what Steve, Dano, Chin Ho and the rest of 50 gang showed us?. Do tires squeal going around curves. Man do I miss that show.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Bill — cars don’t get going here fast enough to squeal their tires. You need to read OC’s commuting posts. It takes about 2 hours to travel 40 miles on these overcrowded roads. I met a police offer the other day. He was pretty mellow and laid back. Of course, I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

  10. Quilly…..Wonderful pictures, again. So many places to go; so much to see! But, the only way I’ll see beautiful Hawaii is through your camera lense. (long trip…low energy) How great is it that you are there while you are young enough to enjoy it? ………………Judy

  11. Judy — I have sprained my knee and this week I am not feeling young enough to enjoy it.

    Nea — I am very fond of my new home and am quite comfy here even though at dawn and dusk the birds make certain it is neither quiet nor peaceful.

  12. Very exciting, you really must (my request) get out and about to photograph. I am so anxiously awaiting the beauty of the land. These photos are such a tease. Love the colors. Wishing you both the very best :)))

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