Our Home

Welcome.  You’ve made it up the stairs to the third floor.

Knock …

Please, come in.

The chintz covered couch?  It was here when we arrived.  I find it is much more comfy for sitting then the floor, though I do agree the floor is prettier.

May I offer you some iced tea?

Would you like a brownie with that?  How about a tour of the rest of the place?

As you can see, it’s laundry day.  All four of my suitable outfits are either in the hamper or on me.  I hope my boxes arrive soon!   What do you want to bet that my blankets — which I don’t need — will arrive before my clothing?

Thank you, our apartment is lovely.  We certainly like it.

I am so glad you stopped by.  Please come again.

23 thoughts on “Our Home

  1. Ummmm…. hhmhmm… *clears throat*… ahhhh… well… yea…. it’s darling Quill… but… *DEEP sigh*… well… I sorta… um… missed the part about the ummm… well… you knOw…. the *whispers* … the guest room!
    (what about that? huh?)

  2. I like it, I like it! I could be comfy there. Of course, I’d have to have some plants on that balcony. And maybe a few inside. Glad you posted these – I like to ‘see’ where you are when I’m talking to you! xo

  3. Melli — the guest room is an empty room with OC’s musical instruments and our empty suitcases in it. Nothing remarkable to see. Come sleep on the floor!

    SN — I enjoy it very much. Thank you.

    Mumma — takes stuff and money. I am not employeed yet.

    Stella — in Vegas I lived in a 20 year old two bedroom mobile home which was held together by weather stripping and roach nests. This is 1000% better.

    Morgan — 1 mile.

    Nessa — yep. I already am.

    Brian — 6 month lease. The thing that would give us pause in staying is OC’s 2 hour commute one way every day. I’m sure you’ve read about that on O’Ceallaigh & The Quill.

    Jackie — balcony plants are restricted to 10 gallon pots or less. I want to plant veggies ….

  4. It is very nice Quilly, i will have to go over to the other blog and read about the commute……two hours isn’t fun. It takes most of your evening. And then you have to get up so early……I don’t really understand the demographics of Hawaii. I know that people often live and work on different Islands, which would make that Ferry very important. Otherwise, how would one get around. Which Island do you live on? Well you probably have already answered all this on your other blog…..

  5. I am sure most of us have no idea of the cost of living in Hawaii, it is a very expensive place to live, I have heard. And I am sure your move did not come cheaply. Moving is always very expensive, so it will take time to decorate. Time and money, Time and money, always there in front of us, not matter what paradise we live in.

    I will really enjoy the pictures. I have not had the pleasure of seeing Hawaii yet.

  6. Oh, Quilly, it is great to know and see that you are settled for the next six months. I love the place. I do feel bad about that drive to work for O.C. and it puts a little pressure on you to hopefully find a position that isn’t on the opposite side of your island. HAPPY NEW HOME, DEAR FRIENDS!!!

  7. Ahhhhhhh YAY! A comfy floor for ME! I am saving my pennies as we speak so that I might sometime grace that floor! (but by then it will probably have a cot or a futon or something on it….) *sigh* LOL!

  8. Brig — me, too!

    Bill — the floors look like hardwood, but they are actually Pergo laminate — very easy to care for.

    Nea — OC only commutes 40 miles. Traffic congestion is the biggest problem. We are on Oahu, the most populated island.

    Pauline — so am I!

    Dr. John — so far, so good.

    Judy — I’d like to work from home. It’s a dream I don’t know how to go about starting.

    Kyah — that’ll happen when you only visit once every year or so. It’s been ages since I’ve been by your blog, too!

    Katie — thanks!

    Melli — an air-bed at the very least.

    Minka — The iced tea on the floor is no problem. I just hope that brown gooey stuff I stepped in was brownie …. Are penguins house trained?

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