10 thoughts on “One More Useless Blog

  1. Very beautiful!! I’ll send you a quick email with a couple of things to consider.

    In the meantime, may I link to you from my commercial blogs?

  2. (note to self: give gawpy a free trip to hawaii…….subliminal suggestion planted)

    Hi, Quilly. What’s up? What’s that? You have a strange, inexplicable urge to do something generous? Hmmm. Yeah, strange. Wonder what could have sparked that.

  3. Kat — don’t hop the plane — get in it! Silly girl!

    Polona — so far $.34 — only $99.66 to go before I earn my first paycheck. Yahoo!

    Brig — thanks — got it. Will look at your suggestions on a day I have time to think, study and learn.

    Gawpo — did you earn your instrument flight rating? The closest you get to a free trip from me is an offer of floor to sleep on. Well, maybe an air mattress if you’re exceptionally polite.

    Penguin — bugs? There are no bugs in Hawaii — except whatever keeps leaving these red welts all over my body.

  4. Nessa — I am not supposed to encourage anyone to click the links. If you are so moved, by all means … but don’t do it just to support me. I’m not in any danger of starving anytime soon — but I am down about 20 pounds since stepping foot on these shores. Could be the three story climb to my abode ….

    Bill — I am going to try to make the site entertaining as well as informational and touristy.

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