Punny Ailments

My voice is gone. I sound like Mickey Mouse on helium. The kids absolutely ignored me today. Heh, my co-workers ignored me today, too — but that’s nothing new.

Then there’s O’Ceallaigh.  He thinks he’s funny, he does.  I mentioned that the horseradish on my roast beef sandwich provided me with a few moments of easy breathing.  He said he would have been surprised to hear that I’d been eating horseradish if he hadn’t already discovered that I’m a little hoarse …. ba da boom.

11 thoughts on “Punny Ailments

  1. In an older time, OC’s Irish ancestors would have been hanged for that. This is what’s wrong with modern society. We’ve stopped disciplining our Irish ancestors.

  2. Mumma — let’s ship them off together (I suggest Timbuctoo) and give ourselves a vacation from nonsense.

    Doug — hanging too many of OC’s ancestors would have left too many well-to-do households without Irish maids, and too many stables without stable boys. A line had to be drawn somewhere!

    Brian — I’ll never know the difference at my house!

    Melli — better a sitcom than a soap opera.

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