23 thoughts on “O is For Open!

  1. Gorgeous!!!
    I can’t grow them either, I got one from my hubby a couple of weeks ago in full bloom, and now there’s only one flower left, they’ve all fallen off!

  2. OH! (just so you’ll be right!) It is gorgeous! And I LOVE the effect you used on it! At first glance I didn’t even realize the rest of the picture was B&W — I was wondering how you got that night-light glow on it! Then I took the hard look! Will we get to see more?

  3. How beautiful. We have a side porch we keep talking about glassing in and, if we ever get around to doing it, I want it FULL of orchids!

  4. Brian — you probably over love them! (See my comment to Jientje, below.)

    Minkydo — thank you.

    Brig — it is an amazing plant.

    Jientje — the flowers don’t last forever and orchids only bloom once per year. Mist the plant (leaves and stem) daily with a spray bottle. Water lightly once per week. It prefers indirect light. Scented blossoms do not last as long as unscented blossoms.

    Mar — thank you.

    Carletta — it was a bit of software wizardry so you wouldn’t see that the flash over exposed the edges of the rear flowers.

    Robert — thanks. I think it came out rather artsy, but see my comment to Carletta, above.

    Baba — I can see the ocean from my living room window and have shared it so many times, I figured it would be [from me] the “expected” O. I love your shots though, especially the pier and pavillion. Where were you when you took that?

    Melli — more? I think I have shared photos of every orchid I own!

    Gattina — we are looking forward to some great photos!

    Judy — just make certain they don’t get too much light! Remember, orchids like shadowy, misty rain forests.

  5. Juliana — I thought it was “arty”.

    Dr. John — yep. Two O’s for twice the oomph!

    Jientje — that wasn’t just any old comment, that was direction from my partner the PhD certified botanist and the real orchid raiser here.

    Cydni — thanks for the photo compliment, but I couldn’t have done it without God’s incredible orchid.

    Andrew — thank you — b&w with color!

    David — nope, it was me, playing with my photo software. About OC’s only interaction with the blogs is reading the nightly poems I leave at your place (which of course means he reads your poems as well).

  6. Wow, that’s gorgeous! What software do you use to do that black & white/color thing?

    I’m still feeling somewhat overwhelmed and not really into blogging so much as usual, but I am getting back into it, haha. I will soon be caught up with posting… then to catch up with all your posts… wow.

  7. Whoof!! I’m all caught up woof my posting letters and piktures. Now I have to come visit all of you and see what you all put fur piktures this week. See you all soon.

  8. Alice — I used Picasa, which is a free software I picked up online. Just Google the name. You’ll find it.

    Reba — I’ll be over soon.

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