Alphabet Challenge Acknowledgments

I wish to offer a special thank you to those who played with me:

~ Challenge Survivors, Beginning to End ~
(in alphabetical order)

Alice, of I Was Born2Cree8

Baba, of Baba’s Blog

Carletta, of Round the Bend

Cyndi, of Kaleidoscope

Dr. John, of Dr. John’s Fortress

Gattina, of Keyhole Pictures

Jientje, of Heaven in Belgium

Juliana, of Scabiosa Trenta

Karen, of 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires

Mar, of Maremagnum

Melli, of Insanity Prevails

Reba, of Reba’s Run!

Robert, of Thoughts of a Father,

Shelly, of This Old Farm

. . .

~ Challenge Participants ~
those who’s alphabets are missing a few letters
(in alphabetical order)

Judy, of Photo Fun, made it to O and then never returned. I hope she’s still not out looking to take a Photo.

Lilli, of Nevada & Lilli’s Travel Page, made it to A then traveled on seemingly without giving us another thought.

Minkydo, of Some Place to Put My Pictures, made it to T, but must still be out looking for yoU.

Nessa, of The Chrysalis Stage, made it to E, then just left the F off.

. . .

~ Honorable Mention ~

And then there’s Brig, who did the entire alphabet,
but put most of the posts on her locked, private blog
so out of this group, only I got to enjoy them.
You can find a few (D, H, I, O) of her Alphabet posts on, Watch My Aerogrow.

It has been a fun 26 days. I hope you don’t suddenly become strangers here. You’ll all still be seeing me at your places!

Y is For Yummy

You all have to know what a wonderful and loving man my OC is. All day long I stressed over what to do for Y. I wasn’t willing to settle for a simple photo of our yard. I wanted something spectacular. He was spectacularly unhelpful. Perhaps one could even go so far as to suggest he was spectacularly uninterested.

Because he was so unmoved by my plight, I expected him to greet my request for help in less than enthusiastic terms, but once he realized what I had in mind, he was more than willing to cooperate. (My hero!)

Walnut Double Chocolate Brownies

Walnut Double Chocolate Brownies
with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Walnut Double Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
and Hershey’s Special Dark Syrup

OC’s loving, generous and heart-felt sacrifice was to eat every bite.
Poor abused man.
Btw, he did not pronounce it yummy.
I believe he called it spectacular.

The Alphabet Challenge Y Players
(in order of appearance in my comments)

Melli, Mar, Dr. John, Polona,
Karen, Baba, Robert, Gattina,
Shelly, Carletta,

X is For Xerophilous

This xerophilous Prickly Pear Cactus
was equipped by nature for a life in a very dry climate,
but it is thriving here in the land of relatively consistent 80% humidity.

And I bet you had no idea that the flowers on this plant are xanthochromatic.
For real. Honest.

As are these, Allamanda.

And this lovely lady of the dog bane family.
Name currently unknown.

And this.
A Hibiscus, of course.
A double Hibiscus to be more precise.
You didn’t think I’d share flowers without sneaking one in, did you?