Orchid Delight

Ruby Orchid

Red Vein Orchid

Pink Throat Orchid

I took these photos in the Orchid House at Foster Botanical Garden. Most of the orchids were not labeled and so I do not know the names of these lovely beauties. Amoeba could tell us the types — if he wasn’t busy struggling with yet another critical report deadline — but there are so many Orchid hybrids that looking up the names would be incredibly time consuming. So, if you think you know one of these, please share the name with us!

And hey, as long as you’re here — what is your favorite flower? Despite all the photos I take of orchids, my favorite flowers are Daisies. I never met a Daisy I didn’t like.

The Beauty of Hawaii

What do you see in life? Every week, Gypsy Lala invites us to share the beauty in our lives.

Orchid Sunshine

I do not know the name of this orchid. I call it Sunshine. It is a bright and dazzling beauty, isn’t it? I chose to share it as an example of the exotic beauty of Hawaii. Flowers love these islands, and these islands love flowers.


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