20 thoughts on “Up Is Implied

  1. Wow, that is some shadow. Incredible!

    I’m thinking it would be fun to play this one too, tho it is a challenge to find things high enough off the ground around here. hahaha.

  2. I just read your comments about my shrooms and your attempt at taking a picture and I come here and find a shadow – one of my first photos I took for the project was a shadow I haven’t used it. I was still looking for something I wanted to go with it! Like minds……
    This is lovely- the fronds make beautiful shadows. It is unique.

  3. Glad I read the comments first and took a second look! I was going to ask if those were kites in the sky? That is one huge shadow and this is a very unique photo Quilly! Well done!

  4. Awesome shot, and extremely creative. That’s why the rules are so loose: I wanted people to focus on creativity, not be stuck in a rut. This is an awesome picture!

  5. Alice — how high do you think that shadow was off the ground?

    Carletta — “there is nothing new under the sun” — if I don’t find something I like better, I’ll use my toad stool in a couple of days — or save it for something else. I’d like to see your shadow photo, so I hope you do the same.

    Mumma — I peeked over the edge of the square and found a world of possibilities …

    Karen — startling, isn’t it? You should have encountered it in person!

    Debbie — I can’t see anything but shadow. Probably because I snapped the photo.

    Gattina — see my comment to Debbie, above.

    Melli — me and my shadow …. It was pleased to pose for me.

    Brian — why thank you! You are a man of rare and discerning taste. ;P

    Jeremiah — that was the exact thought in my mind — how far can I stretch and still fit inside the rule. The answer was, a long, long way!

  6. wow, definitely an original and creative approach… love it!
    talk about busy… just got home and it’s almost 11 pm. only had the time to post a couple of photos in between

  7. Now that is worth bending any rules for, if in fact the rules are bent (because it IS up!)
    Wonderful shadow – awesome size! And the detail of the shadow is so crisp and sharp – well spotted.

  8. Mar — thank you.

    Jules — I don’t know to whom the beach stuff belonged. OC was busy at his convention and my camera and I were strolling for scenery.

    Juliana — I hope your craziness slows down soon — and I hope mine does, too!

    blinna — thank you.

    Cath — I thought so. The whole idea (for me) of taking on these projects is to stretch and grow.

    Holly — don’t blame that on me. I read your blog. You were cracked before you got here.

    Andrew — you are obviously an intelligent and discerning individual.

    Robert — Thank you!

    Michael — Thank you!

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