13 thoughts on “A Musical Wordless Wednesday

  1. A truly wordless Wednesday. I’ve yet to do that. I can never shut up talking about my pictures! I can almost hear that trumpet playing. Maybe because I can still hear the Miles Davis playing from the music on my blog! Great shot today. Hope you’re doing well.

  2. Gattina — thank you.

    Brian — so he’s been told.

    Melli — wow! I guess he needs to replace that mute!

    Robert — believe me, your photos are capable of standing on their own. Trust them.

    David — thank you.

    AmberStar — O’Ceallaigh and the Honolulu Community Concert Band.

    Horsoon — thank you.

    Mar — jazz iz OC’s fave.

    Juliana — yep. The band sounded grand. Here’s proof. Technically, there is no music posted for that particular concert, but you can listen to many of the different band performances here.

    Andrew — you can. HCCB is playing this coming Saturday on the Battleship Missouri at Pearl Harbor. The downbeat is 10:00 a.m.

    Dr. John — I’m working on that capability.

    JD — it sounds like “home” doesn’t it?

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