Don’t Call Search & Rescue

Yes, I know we went missing.  Our bad.  The problem started when my blog host went offline.  While it was down we left the island.  Amoeba had to see the doc about a mole on his lip.  The doc took the mole and left Amoeba with a really big bandage on his face.  That is why we couldn’t be found.

We are home now, but going to bed.  I have poked pain killers in Amoeba and he is kind of spacey. I need to get him to lay down before he falls down.

While you’re waiting for me to wake up and visit your blogs, Facebook did manage to upload the entire Watermelon Man video. This is the One More Time Band playing at The Rumor Mill in Friday Harbor, Washington. Amoeba is playing the trumpet solo with the plunger mute. You can also see this on Facebook.

Almost a Video

I am unhappy.  I have spent all day trying to upload a video.  Our “high speed” internet is high all right — high priced, but NOT high speed.  I spent 2.5 hours uploading a video only to have it fail — connection dropped — in the last 20 minutes.  And that happened not once, but twice.  The third time I was not told the connection failed.  I was told my endeavor was a success — BUT over half of the video is missing.  All together I spent about 7 hours to get one minute and thirty seconds worth of video for my blog.

Here is part of Watermelon Man, played by The One More Time band at the Rumor Mill in Friday Harbor, WA.  Be prepared for the video to suddenly end in the middle of Amoeba’s trumpet solo with the  plunger mute.

Silly Haiku Wednesday — Amoeba Plays!

The video quality is bad but the sound is good. Unfortunately it starts & ends abruptly — sorry. Flickr wouldn’t let me load the whole thing!

Chason du Toreador

Carmen Suite #2

If you wish to enjoy the entire video, click here to view it on WMV: Chanson du Toreador

Join the fun!


A proper Haiku is so much more than a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, but I wasn’t invited to do a proper Haiku. I was asked for a silly one, so here it is — the theme for this week is music:

Play it Trumpet Man
Blow your horn for all to hear
Make music for us