Dinner Entertainment?

I suppose some of you are thinking that having a full band play in a fast food place is a bit of commercial overkill — not to mention the lack of space they left for customers ….

It is interesting how photographs change perspectives. Not only was the band not in the fast food restaurant, there was an open air hall between them and the restaurant. The band played Kahala Mall the afternoon of July 4th, and they were on the entertainment platform. However, lots of folks grabbed food from the various restaurants and sat down to enjoy.

Why don’t you enjoy, too? Again, the video quality is bad, but the sound is good!

You are listening to, The St. Louis Blues, by composer William Christopher Handy. This has to be the sexiest march ever written.

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  1. Actually, at first I was thinking there was a mirror behind the band and the restaurant was a reflection — until I realized the name wasn’t backwards! LOL! *duh!* The band sounds fabulous though – I would have gotten a nibble and stopped to listen for sure. I never thought of a march as being sexy before… but after listening, I’m not sure I would have thought of that as being a march! Sounded more like a dance number!

  2. Melli — actually, it wasn’t written as a march, but it has the tempo, the beat and the drums. It is — as it sounds — jazz, and was written as a blues piece.

    Brian — they do it again next weekend and by then will be even better still.

  3. Nice playing. Satin Doll is the sexiest march, though. You can hear how W.C. Handy influenced Duke Ellington, though.

  4. Comment on your comment at my place:
    I’m not sure if it was a moth, or a butterfly, or what bug it really was on that lavender.
    I think we shouldask OC!
    I’m sure he’ll know!

  5. Doug — Satin Doll isn’t a MARCH! It’s a wiggle.

    Jill — hot!

    Jientje — well, you can if you’re here by next Sunday!

    Vaianp — welcome. Make yourself at home.

    Shrinky — the community concert band is indeed a free all volunteer band. They work hard just for the sheer love of playing.

    Cath — sorry! Maybe it is the blog transfer causing the problem. If all else fails, try the google video site and type in HCCB 07/08 as your search.

  6. Hello,
    We’ve not met that I know of, but we share a common friend in Dr. John, a quiet but able leader of a large network of bloggers. Isn’t he amazing!
    Looking forward to doing some reading here.

  7. Nessa — moi? But you liked the music anyway, and you’ll find your way to The Grownups Wanted Us Dead. Also — are yu aware that OC posted on O’Ceallaigh & The Quill?

    Oh, and btw, you are #7 on my blogroll: Chrysalis Stage, The. If someone doesn’t drop by for long periods of time (6-8 weeks), I click the “hide” button and remove them from the list. Saves space.

    Tom — welcome. Look around. I’ll come visit you in just a sec.

  8. Dr. John — Hawaii is very big on music. All the malls are built with public entertainment centers and there is little to no cost for their use. A lot of the local schools have their school pageants in the malls. (Very smart move for the malls too. They get all those parents and kids there together at crucial times — like Christmas ….).

    VE — nope. Still don’t get it. I am probably one of the few people who just couldn’t keep focused on American Pie. However, if it’s any consolation, I rarely “get” you anyway …. 😉

  9. It did look a bit confusing, I wondered just where they were, I could see they were in front of glass or mirrors…..but in a fast food restaurant seemed highly unlikely…….

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