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Awards & Apologies

Bill, The Old Fart (who isn’t old), gifted me with an award about a week ago. I was busy with the Holidays and tucked it in my electronic folder, planning to get to it today or tomorrow — maybe — if nothing more pressing arose. Then today, Dr. John issued a proclamation from his Fortress and gifted me with the same award and I read all this stuff …

The “Arte y Pico” award was was created to recognize bloggers who inspire others with their creative energy and their talents, whether it be writing and/or artwork in all Medias. Receiving this award it is considered a “special honor”.

… and realized I was dishonoring Bill’s respect for me by putting off acknowledging it — so you can just imagine my shock when I opened the folder and saw another award languishing there.

Near the end of last April there came an incident at work that left me upset, distracted and soul weary. After the incident I found just coping with my normal tasks to be more than enough. During that time, Carolyn, from Laughing Alone In The Dark gave me the above award. I tucked it away in an electronic folder reserved for such things, thinking I’d deal with it later — except I forgot about it.

Carolyn, I hope you can forgive me for forgetting to acknowledge this award which I an certain I no longer deserve. I am very sorry. Had I paid attention to it then, it might have cheered me up!

* * *

In an effort to retrieve as much of my honor as I can, I wish to pass these awards along. I bestow the YOU MAKE ME LAUGH award to Melli of Insanity Prevails. She has the talent of wringing huge drops of humor from life’s disasters, and multiplying life’s joys abundantly, and she shares that talent with any and all who venture near. I also bestow the YOU MAKE ME LAUGH award upon Cath of CrazyCath’s Reflections. Even when her life isn’t joyful, she is. She has a knack for finding silver linings and sharing them.

The instructions that came with the Arte y Pico award said I was to pass it on to five people whose creative energy and talents inspired me. I took that to mean people who challenge me to be more and better than what I already am. In that light, I am certain you will all understand if I bestow the award upon O’Ceallaigh, the man I love. Everyday I strive to be the person he already seems to think I am.

If I could, I would offer the award back to Dr. John, who shares the light and love of Jesus with all who come his way — even a few people I think he should bap on the nose. If I were more like Dr. John, I know I would be more like Jesus. But, since I cannot pick Dr. John, my other four recipients are:

  • Doug of Waking Ambrose. Doug commented on my very first real post when I ventured timidly into blogland, and in so doing gave me the courage to stay. Plus, his blog is a daily challenge in creative thinking.
  • Polona of Crows & Daisies. Polona’s photography first inspired me to pick up my camera and try to capture my visions on film. And the words she pens for her photos led me to create my poetry blog. On top of all that, I found in her a kindred spirit who often sees the world as I do.
  • David of Authorblog. David McMahon is an inspiration on many levels. He freely shares his outstanding photographs and the skills and techniques he used to achieve them. He shares his punny humor with extra servings of relish; his acerbic comments with just the right amount of salt; and his sweet stuff with just a touch of syrup. His blog is a smorgasboard for the brain.
  • Ilona of One Crazy Dame. Ilona Andrews is the pen name of one of my favorite writers. Ilona and I started out in an online writers workshop together years ago. She is now a published author with multi-book deals. Her star is rising. I know I will never be Ilona, but because of her, I have decided to write once again.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Noop Noop Noop Noop Noop! Awards are NOT tags! Noooooop! I do LOVE that you LOVE me… but awards are NOT tags! I’m not IT! Noop! Try again! I DO appreciate the award though. I will acknowledge it… and I MIGHT pass it on… but I’d have to pass it back to YOU! Not allowed huh? Who makes UP these rules anyway? Do blogs come with an owners manual with a chapter on awards and meme’s??? I neeeeeeed one!

  2. You are absolutely and totally forgiven. In fact, there is no need to apologize. I consider blogging a guilt-free zone, where everybody should just have fun and enjoy each other’s company, so don’t think another minute about it. In fact, you still cheer me up, so I would be happy give you the award again today. I mean who doesn’t love wonderful photography and daily reminders of beautiful, heavenly spectacular Hawaii?? The only thing I’m sorry about is the incident at work that left you “upset, distracted and soul weary.” For that, I apologize. I wished I’d known so I could have at least dropped some condolences or support. Hope you’re well now. Take care!

    ps – LOL. I just remembered the time I did the exact same thing as you. I forgot about an award and when I finally got around to handing it out, I couldn’t remember who had given it to me and ended up giving it right back to them. Too funny.

  3. “Dude?”


    “What’s this strive stuff?”

    “Means kickin’ your butt out’a neutral, dude. That’s how come it rhymes with drive.”

    “In Hawai`i?!? Who the hell drives in Hawai’i? Sit and burn gold-plated gas in traffic, more like it. Man, that chick’s gotta chill. Get the board and go surfin’ or somethin’. This strive stuff sounds too much like work.”

    “Like you get the board, dude? Right off the top of the head? OC ain’t gonna like that. It could be a delete key offense.”


    “Too right, dude. All Quilly needs to be is herself. But you need to clean up your act. Capisce?

    “Would it be OK if I cleaned up my room instead?”


  4. Carolyn — Thank You! I just hate to insult people before we’re really properly introduced!

    Amoeba — I’m a little worried. I’ve been hearing those voices again. :*

    Andrew — She’s been inspiring me for a couple of years now. It seemed fitting.

  5. Quilly I am honoured. I never thought I was that good at being positive – in fact it is “well known” that I can be a bit pessimistic – so you have made my day. Absolutely. Completely. Totally. With those very kind words.

    And the award is just the best. It will get zipped to my sidebar post haste.
    Congratulations on your awards. They are very well deserved. YOU are an inspiration to others, including me.
    Carolyn and I did the same thing, in fact, I think I did it TO Carolyn – passing the same award back! *very embarrassing* – fortunately Carolyn is very forgiving and not easily insulted! *Phew!* I kinda like that girl – would hate to insult her! Unintentional or not.
    So you are not the only one… And there are worse things… ;0)
    Thanks again for my award.

  6. Quilly ~ you truly deserve the both awards. Your blog is truly inspirational and you are able to mix seriousness with the lighter side. Kudos to you my Friend.

  7. Cath — yes, but you don’t take your pessimism too seriously and keep looking for the silver lining.

    Brian — you are the nicest guy. oxo

    Dr. John — you’ll like them. I ehjoyed your picks and added one to my reader!

    Bill — thank you twice — once for the award and once for your kind words.

  8. gosh, quilly, i am more than honoured.

    i don’t usually do these award things and have ignored quite a few but in lack of other stuff to post i might just announce this one.
    thanks again 🙂

    oh, and OC, you rock!

  9. Brian — I’m glad you liked it. There’s more on the horizon!

    Polona — I give you, you may ignore it as you wish. Oops! Never mind. I went and saw and you did post it.

    Juliana — I had a heck of a time choosing between you and Polona. If it weren’t for you, I probably still wouldn’t know much about Polona beyond words on photographs. 😉

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