31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Robert — for some reason your comment hit my Spam folder! I am so glad I found you. OC’s activities are legal, I assure you. His lab is too often inspected for it to be otherwise!

    Rose — you’re a smart lady.

    Melli — this is the lab. His office has a desk and computer. And if that were salad dressing you could have it with my blessing — salt water and algae vinegarette. Yuk!

    Carletta — OC is an oceanographer and a botanist. He keeps a culture collection and studies protozoa. That’s why here he is known as, Amoeba. I very much fear any perfume he made would smell a little fishy.

    Mar — OC — O’Ceallaigh, is my significant other. Check out the rest of the comments, then read here and that should help you put it all together.

    Sauerkraut — ah, but you met ME through OC. They meet OC through me. Now, if only he hadn’t deleted his blog ….. And if you want a glass of this stuff as far as I’m concerned you’re welcome to it. Can I watch you drink it?

    Holly — bottles of seawater growing algae specimens. As to the other, just wipe it off your shoe and don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to.

  2. This is from OC’s lab right?
    I love the picture, especially how the light shines on the bottles, and it’s as if the bottles have a light within them too!

  3. Nea — ayup.

    Sandy — it’s all explained in the previous comments.

    Jientje — it is OC’s lab. I love the light in this photo. I am glad you saw what I saw! I was beginning to wonder if I was imagining it!

    Pretty — on my way.

  4. wow, that is an excellent shot!
    fantastic light in this shot… i’ve always found labs sort of mysterious and the light here enhances that feeling

  5. Juliana — the light is what I saw when I walked into the lab. I had to take the photo.

    Shelia — I’m sure there’s some seaweed around there, too …..

    Cath — if he is, it’s a water bomb so you may want those covers to be plastic.

  6. Kila — most likely he would. OC would answer all his questions and teach him about all kinds of slimy things.

    Raven — thank you. That’s what led me to snap the photo.

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