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Project Black — Day #1

Anna, of Anna Carson’s Photography, has just announced Project Black. I was really excited. I knew just what I was going to start with — a photo I took a few weeks back and was saving for just the right occasion … and then I read: “please…no black and white images! Find black in color!” Well, the photo I was planning to share is “black in color” and I will share it — later.

In the meantime (those of you who know me, know I like to break rules without actually breaking them) I offer you five black and white photos.

Salt & Pepper

Rock Dove

Lava Rock, Sea Snails & More Salt

Black & White Marble Statute

Humboldt Penguin

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. I was lucky in that my little black bear sits on my front porch; but I’ve been wondering where I will find more black objects and you post five tonight – I would have had to save them. You must be confident in finding a lot of black!!! I have to get up early tomorrow and start looking.

  2. These are all wonderful. I love the idea of breaking the rules without breaking the rules. Very funny. Must say, I’m impressed that you have tossed off 5 like nothing and I’m worried about future post. I have something for tomorrow, but after that… eeeek.

  3. I love your take on the theme, still back yet not purely black, lol. I quickly found some black in my archives…

  4. Carletta — I pulled these from my archives and I have tomorrow lined up, too, but I promise, my camera and I will be out pounding the pavement looking for likely snap shots. Then there’s my dining room set, my TV set, my tennis shoes …. lots of black around me.

    Raven — see my comment to Carletta.

    Mar — then you’ll love tomorrow …..

  5. Hmm, I guess I missed Anna’s note on “no black and white photographs”… Whoops! I like these, though — great finds!

  6. I love the consistency of the black and white colors throughout the series here. And so daring because you could have used them to go across four more days of Project Black. I’m curious to see what you’ll do next.

  7. Gooooodness! YOU were ready for project black! I kept checking in with her occassionally to see if there was any sign of a project… but alas, I missed the big announcement! LOL! Mine IS up now though! Sheeeeeesh! Do you know there’s some BROWN stuff in your salt??? 😉

  8. I was wondering if anyone else would ask and I see Melli did. What’s the brown stuff on the top of the salt?
    Love all your black…

  9. Great series… you’re going to have to work at it to top ’em over the course of the project!

  10. hehe, I love the “black & white” irony! Great way to kick off Project Black!
    And I’m with you on that whole loving bookstores thing!

  11. I love rule breakin’ folks – they’re so much fun

    all the photos are great but for some reason I really love the salt and pepper shakers – their height, the detail, the smudge of color on top of the salt, the blurry kitchen background

    it is all just lovely

  12. Oh my, five shots in the first post! The lava and snails is my favorite, but they’re all great. I’m kinda struggling with this one, yellow was easy peasy for me but black – I’ll be doing some searching.

  13. Christy — Your photo was great. Im sure you’re forgiven.

    Mishelle — thank you.

    Kim — thanks. I tried very hard to visit your space but for some reason, Square Space won’t allow me to comment.

    Doug — most of our police cars were picked up in drug raids and aren’t your standard black and whites.

    Robert — I can’t wait to see what I’ll come up with next, either!

    Jeremiah — thank you. I originally titled the snail photo, Desert, because the snails — having gotten stranded in a rapidly evaporating tide pool — are piled into the crevasse competing for the last little drop of moisture.

    Melli — that isn’t my salt. I took the photo in a Four Star resort in Kona. I was joking with OC that I knew why one of their stars was missing …. That brown stuff is pepper.

    Anna — thank you. I put the camera down on the table, adjusted it until I saw just what you see, and snapped.

    Ellen — since Melli asked first, I answered on her comment.

    JC — I guess I should have ended with them, eh?

    Brian — with the exception of the salt & pepper, there’s nothing in the series that I would eat, and when is the last time you dined on roast penguin?

    Willow — I do have some wrought iron in mind, though!

    Britt — thanks. I am ever a rebel!

    Dianne — thank you. The blurry background is palm trees. We were sitting on the lanai of a Kona restaurant.

    Photowannabe — thank you. I am a petty rebel at best, but it was fun.

    Shelly — funny — I went out and scoured the countryside for yellow! Black I have at my finger tips!

  14. Great pics. When hubby gets off the other computer I’ll put mine up. Feeling really good at this moment in time….my doc took care of that.

    I swear I was here this morning and posted something….did I say something not so nice? OH! I posted about your award! I was so happy and proud for you. 🙂

  15. OOOooo, for some reason, in addition to me always taking pictures of feet, I like salt and pepper shakers, too. It never even occurred to me to post one for PB, but I j u s t posted mine a few weeks ago (if you’re interested in seeing the same thing but different, here’s the link:

    Otherwise, WOW–a Black Bonanza! Such DIVERSE images, but all in keeping with the theme. They all have a certain appeal, but my favorite might just be the marble statue–it’s one of the oddest things I’ve seen today :).

  16. Amber — someday you will have awards — most probably more than I — because you are a genuinely nice person. I am glad you are feeling better.

    Brian — that’s a very scruffy squab. I’m not eating it. It lives on french fries, you know. The snails are long dead, empty shells, bon appetit! As to the penguin, I’ll leave that for you and the polar bears. I think they’re too cute to eat. 🙂

    Robin: I liked your salt and pepper shakers. I have a very old set YOU might like to see.

  17. I see lots of colors in there, they’re not purely black and white…no rules broken 🙂 Awesome shots, too!

  18. Mary — why? My camera still works! 😉 (Wood! Find me some wood, quick!)

    Janet — hmmm, I said I was going to break the rules by posting black and white [photographs] without breaking the rules, so I posted photos of black and white objects. sigh Too often I am the only one who appreciates my silliness.

  19. Oh Quilly… you are so BAD… and you are so GOOD at it… rofl!! Great ‘black and white’ photography!! I’m glad I came by today. this could be a fun one. Guess I need to start looking at black, haha. One particular black comes to mind right away…. hahaha.

  20. Oh, Alice — thank you for getting it. I was beginning to despair of my sense of humor.

    Dr. John — thank you. I love YOU!

  21. I love these pictures. Especially the salt and pepper. For some reason they stand out to me today. Of course as I look back and forth I find each picture makes me smile in a different way.

  22. Trust you to pepper us with fine examples of broken rules! I especially liked the salt and pepper shaker photo- the angle at which it was taken makes it quite intriguing!

  23. Jules — I like making people smile.

    Rebecca — I took it at the Honolulu Zoo. I bet you never knew there were penguins in Hawaii!

    Cindy — what can I say. See rule, bend it til it twangs [with laughter]!

    Lynn — then you’re going to love my tomorrows rule breaking!

    Lissa — I’m sorry. I didn’t realize there were going to be formal inspections. Would you kindly send me the correct black to gray ratio parameters? Are their specifications for how much black there should be and limits on other colors? Thank you.

  24. Sara — — thank you. Yu get extra brownie points for leaving the perfect “pat-on-the-back” comment!

    Andrew — it was a favorite for many. I really like it but I almost didn’t offer it, thinking it too plain!

    Mike — that’s how I feel about all these comments! (bUT i LOVE THEM!)

    Nancy — there are everywhere, everywhere! Come see.

    Jule — thank you. You’re welcome.

    Karen — the triangle in that first shot is a tiki torch. They never did light it, though.

    Hendrawan — pigeon — really — just a different color.

    Juliana — those were pretty much the two faves.

  25. Whoof!! Hi Quilly. Thanks fur all yur visits to me and my Mom ‘Bean at our blogs. There is some new stuff at my blog fur you to see now, including a pikture of my rack.

  26. Reba — I’ve been to see the picture of your doggy rack and I even left a comment. Didn’t your momma tell you?

  27. I was a bad dog. I writed that comment days before I posted it. I came here one day and saw it sitting here and woofout thinkin’ I just hit the button to post it. I must’a fallen asleep part way through my work that one day. sorry if I caused any problems. Yes I did get yur comments, thank you fur them. Thanks fur yur visits to my dog blog.

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