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Project Black #3 — Waikiki Wrought Iron

On the other side of this black wrought iron fence is a charming brick sidewalk, Kalakaua Street, a rock garden with a fountain, and beyond that, where you cannot see, the pink sand beaches of Waikiki. This is where the tourists come to party.

The first time OC and I spent any time in Waikiki (we have both attended conferences there), I said to him, “But none of this is real!” He chided, “Don’t be silly, Honey. It’s as real as any reality money can buy.”

Anna, of Anna Carson’s Photography, hosts Project Black.
Visit her site for links to the other players.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. I thought I was in Italy again, lol ! You lucky girl you at least don’t have to put the heating on in summer ! Today it’s just 17°C can you send me some of your heat over ? The Opera tickets are quite expensive ! For a unnumbered place on the steps in the Arena you have to pay 85 € !! Imagine the good places they are going from 180 – 250 € ! But the scenery is just unique ! Imagine it was the place where the gladiators fought against lions etc !

  2. Karen — thank you ever so much by the award. I am touched and honored.

    Robert — you’ll be back. Patience. You’ll appreciate it more for the wait.

    Carletta — well, if you need a place to stay, we have a little spare room where we could build you (or blow up) a pallet between the ironing board, OC’s trumpet cases, the printer and the sewing machine …. Well, you get the idea, but you’re still welcome.

    Gattina — I’d be happy to send you some of our warm, but your weather will chill it before it gets to you! We are like this year ’round and never really have a cold spell. Our homes do not have furnaces or other types of heating devices in them. We regulate our temperatures by opening and closing windows, and turning our ceiling fans on and off.

  3. Is the pink sand real? I saw sand in a few different colors when I was in Hawaii (mostly Maui).

    No heating and no air conditioning–that’s what amazed me about Hawaii. We need both, almost daily, in Wisconsin, LOL.

  4. Quilly ~ This looks like a wonderful place to go Stroll and just soak up some beauty and get away from it all. I hope one corner of it has an ocean view.

  5. Hmmm. Yes I think OC is right. Everywhere has a tourist corner made “authentic” especially for them.
    Beautiful wrought iron. Great subject to photograph.

  6. I’m seeing black photos popping up here & there. It’s fun to see what people choose to photograph.
    I’ve seen two very black cats and even a black scrunchie.

  7. Brian — the closest I am going to Waikiki this weekend is Ala Moana Mall. HCCB has a gig on center stage. I’ll be filming part of it at least.

    Kila — the sand is tannish pink, and yes, it’s real, but they truck it in from this (the opposite) end of the island. The Waikiki surf washes the sand away and leaves bare rock. At our end of the island the surf piles the sand high …..

    Shelly — you’re welcome. Come on over.

    Bill — step up next to that fountain and you can see ocean forever.

    Cath — yeah, but some are more “real” than others. Or maybe it’s just that I prefer museums and such to shopping, so I avoid the “plastic” places.

    JD — I have a black cat photograph, too. I took it at the college where a huge colony of feral cats dwell.

  8. paradise behind bars? hmmmmmmm….

    love the shot, though 🙂

    and – i would gladly come and teach you but i’m afraid i still need a lot of instructions myself… besides, i would have to travel half the globe and you know how the prices of everything have gone up… oh well

  9. Juliana — but I could offer free lodging!

    Jientje — according to Dr. John, on the internet no one is any closer or further away than anyone else.

    Pauline — how about a 10 day visit? By tickets and give me your arrival time. I’ll meet you at the airport.

    Dr. John — I’ve seen it, and therefore it’s real, but it’s built in fantasy land ….

  10. PINK sand??? Huh. Yea… there are varying degrees of reality. I do have to side with OC on this one. IF I had enough money, it might be the ONLY reality I’d know… but I doubt it! (did we see that gate in Project Looking Through?)

  11. Melli — did we? Hmmm, it was in my unpublished folder, but I did take several shots of it. As to the sand, on the pinkish side of tan. There is much iron in the rocks and soil here.

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