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Friday Sky Watch — Over Honolulu

Monday, the day of the flat tires, did not begin with great joy, but it ended peacefully. Sunburnt and exhausted from our weekend schedule, OC was running late.. When he finally made it out of the house, it was to discover the left front car tire flat. It had picked up a nail. He took the bus pass and meandered less than enthusiastically to the bus stop for a two-point-five hour commute to work. He left me to put in a call to roadside service.

The responding tow truck came all the way from the other side of the island, and took an hour and a half to arrive. He changed the left front tire, and checked the other three. “When did you last have your tires checked?” He queried. I told him it had been just a few weeks earlier when I’d had my oil changed. He said, “We’ll, this right rear one is seven pounds low. You’d better get it checked when you have the other one repaired.”

So I loaded the car with OC’s music gear, took the car to the shop and had two tires patched, and then my friend and I went to the movies. After the movie I met OC at work — surprising him with a Rueben Sandwich from his favorite sandwich shop — and went to his music rehearsal with him.

The Oahu Civic Orchestra rehearses at Chaminade University. I had been there previously and spent a lovely couple of hours sitting on a bench outside the rehearsal room talking to a King Toad and reading the newspaper. This time, camera in hand, I walked around a bit. Chaminade is built on a hillside and always when I am there, I look up. On this particular visit I turned around and looked down. Oh my …..

Diamond Head (mauka view)
Diamond Head
Honolulu at Dusk
Honolulu at Dusk
Honolulu at Sunset
Honolulu at Sunset
The concept for Sky Watch came from Dot and if you want to join up or to see other Sky Watch photos, please visit Sky Watch, a dedicated site for this growing meme, kindly hosted by Tom at Wigger’s World, Sandy Carlson from Writing in Faith and imac from imac’s photos from the mind’s eye.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Wonderful photos. I have a friend in Honolulu, and she has sent me many pictures, but never one of the skyline. These are great.

  2. Polona — these were tha same flat tires as Monday.

    Bobbie — check some of my back posts (search Waikiki) and you will find more skyline shots.

    Kelly — thank you.

    Rebecca — thank you.

  3. Oh my, Diamond Head!
    Love the framing of this shot.

    I really must find my shots from atop Diamond Head. It is so beautiful from up there.

  4. oh how i miss it. my old building is not in any of these shots. it’s punchbowl way. oh i really really wanna sit on my old lanai. i wouldn’t even mind the roaches for just one evening.

  5. Quilly,
    These pictures bring back some very nice memories from when hubby and I went to Hawaii for our 20th wedding anniversary. That was a very long time ago, but Diamond Head was just right there near our hotel.
    That was a very nice holiday.

  6. I thought for SURE it was gonna be another flat tire! LOL! You are soooooooo bloomin’ BLESSED! And I wasn’t going to stop IN here tonight cuz… cuz… well… cuz now I will MISS you in the morning. 🙁 But… there you were in my Google Reader… and I have NO self discipline! LOL! So here I am! Looking at those pictures makes me wish I really WAS! 🙂

  7. What a beautiful skyline. I don’t think of Hawaii as industrial, tall sky crapers…..I think of little grass huts, haha Poor me, huh…

  8. Carletta — I’ve not yet been to the top.

    Jules — I love Ruebens, too.

    Donna — sometimes I still marvel that I’m here!

    Dr. John — click on them and enlarge them!

    Holly — death to roaches! Death to ants! When we first moved here my green scientist was aghast at my blood lust — but he now has it, too.

    Amber — I enjoy being a memory jogger.

    Melli — believe me I know I am blessed. I don’t take any of it for granted. And, if you want a dose of ME in the morning, you can go read OC’s latest He Said, She Said post, or visit my poetry blog.

    Nea — where did you think they kept the 5 star resorts for the swanky Hawaiian vacations?

  9. Great shot of Diamond Head. I recognized it instantly. I took the path to the top on my first trip out there. What a spectacular view from the top looking back toward Waikiki. Sorry to hear about the flat. But you got some great shots. 🙂

  10. Robert — someday I will take pictures from up there, too.

    Gattina — yes. Vacationers like to read about little grass shacks, not stay in them.

    Jientje — I am glad you enjoyed yourself!

    Gemma — that’s how I feel about blogs showing sites and scenes from places I have never been!

  11. Very beautiful shots! Thought of you as the in-laws were visiting and remembered their trip to Maui.
    (Sorry about the flat tire )

  12. That reminds me of when I had to drive over sixty miles each way back and forth to work. In a two week time period three tires blew. And of course this was before cell phones and I was always on a lonely stretch of road. At least you have a lot of beautiful things to look at while passing time.

  13. Mar — so, when do YOU visit Hawaii?

    Jill — I seem always to discover my flat tires while at home or at work. I guess in a way I am lucky. Even so, I am fond of my cell phone!

    Louise — thank you.

  14. These are beautiful photos! I love the last one especially, the light and colors are so warm and pretty. What a beautiful place to live.

  15. Wow. Beautiful skyline and such wonderful colors. I think the middle one is my favorite, but they are all gorgeous.

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