Sky Watch & Melli’s Dragon

The sun sets on a cloudy day in Makaha.

The sun sets on a cloudy day in Makaha.

The concept for Sky Watch came from Dot and if you want to join up or to see other Sky Watch photos, please visit Sky Watch, a dedicated site for this growing meme, kindly hosted by Tom at Wigger’s World, Sandy Carlson from Writing in Faith and imac from imac’s photos from the mind’s eye.

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Dame Melli, the lady-fair of our current photo-quest, has requested dragons, so yesterday I set out on a perilous dragon hunt and managed to bag a few of the wily creatures. It wasn’t easy. Dragons don’t care for publicity and most people that find them don’t come back to tell their tales. Even so, I managed to find the diary of an archaeologist who works with dragon bones. Here is his sketch of what the earliest known dragon probably looked like.

Artists rendition of probable appearance of earliest known dragon.

Artist's rendition of probable appearance of earliest known dragon.

26 thoughts on “Sky Watch & Melli’s Dragon

  1. Oh, lovely sky!!
    and look at that fine sketch you found for Dame Melli!!
    Happy Friday 🙂
    It’s early morning over here!

  2. After your very romantic sky I am now very scared because of this terrible dragon !!
    I still couldn’t find any ! It is a dragonless world around me !

  3. I love that sunset photo. Brilliant!!

    The dragon is fantastic! I can’t tell if he is supposed to be scary or silly. It would be easy to make up a story going either way. *lol*

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for SWF. I do appreciate it 🙂

  4. Beautiful sky Quilly!

    You know… I often wonder HOW the scientists can know just from the bones if a dragon had a beard or wispy sideburns… I even wonder how they know what COLOR these creatures were… or if they had spots on their wings… Perhaps YOUR scientist could answer some of these questions… I know dragons are NOT his field of study… but he’s sO darn smart, he might just know! That IS a magnificent dragon, by the way!

  5. Beautiful sky, with magical colours!

    Your dragon-hunt features a book I don’t yet have on my shelf, although I do have “The Secret Life of Dragons”

  6. That sure is a beautiful sky!

    About the dragon… Fascinating, how much some people can reconstruct from old bones, isn’t it? Remarkably, the dragon’s voice (’cause they talk) sounds very much like Sean Connery.

  7. I am so glad I found your site. I look at life in a comical way most of the time. I love your attitude. I will be back to read more. 🙂 Did you know that when asked, most people would rather be around someone with a good sense of humor? Isn’t that great!

    Oh yes, the object of my visit…..I love sunsets and sunrises as you can tell from my posts.

  8. A lovely pink sky, my favorite time of day, near sunset, when the sky turns red. We have been having some very interesting sunsets, but I sit on the porch and just watch them and wish I had my camera, and too lazy to get up and get it….

  9. I thought all copies of that book had been destroyed. The dragons will be so unhappy. They don’t want their history out there for people to see.

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