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Farewell to Dragons

Melli says that today is to be the last day of our dragon quest. She said we were to set all our dragons free, so here goes!

European Dragon
European Dragon

The European dragon prefers living in deep dark caves in high mountains, and rarely steps into the light of day. They hunt at night. If you ever see one, it is best to pretend you haven’t. Though most dragons don’t bear a grudge against human-kind, they do remember why they must now live in darkness and are almost extinct. If a dragon ever thinks you got a good look at it, it will take steps to see that you never tell. You won’t like those steps.

Gargoyle Dragon
Gargoyle Dragon

The Gargoyle Dragon lives in crowded cities all over the world. They grace the tops of old buildings by day, and hunt in the concrete canyons by night. Their favorite prey is solitary drunks. I you are going drinking in the city, do not walk the streets alone at night. (That’s good advice for other reasons, as well.)

Miniature Dragon
Miniature Dragon

The Miniature Dragon is a jokster and a trouble-maker. Have you ever tripped when there was nothing to trip on? Chances are, you tripped over the tail of a Miniature Dragon. And chances are, it wasn’t an accident. Miniature Dragons are mostly see-through, and impossible to spot unless one looks directly at them. A relative of the little fella in this diagram recently broke into my home, trashed my library and stole my copy of Dragonology. I can’t help but wonder if Dr. John might have had a little something to do with the robbery. He was quite distressed that I still had a copy of the diary.

* * *

Okay, Melli, I let my dragon’s go. If they eat somebody, remember, you asked for it!

* * *

Oh, and speaking of asking for things, if you’re in the mood for another challenge, come by here anytime after midnight Saturday night (Hawaii time) and my new photo challenge — also running just one week — will be posted.

I you want to know what time midnight Saturday night, Hawaiian time, is in your part of the world, ask the World Clock.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. The Miniature Dragon is often in my home… 🙂 No, I haven’t seen the European one yet…!
    A new challenge??? yeaaaaahhhh! it’s going to be another fun week.
    Midnight your time is high noon here, can’t wait!
    Happy Saturday, Quilly!

  2. Incredible and informative. I’d say that only their mothers would love them… and they’d have a hard time of it, haha.

    I’ll miss the Dragon Hunt, tho am looking forward to finding out what your new challenge will be. I’ll have to make sure I get up early on Sunday so I can look and see before I head off to my Spiritual Centre for the morning. Just in case I have to go hunting for the right thing to photograph, haha.

    Have a wonderful Saturday!!

  3. Oh, that little miniature dragon has been following me for years – I just know it now! He has really made me look so foolish at times.

    A new challenge you say – it’s bound to be fun be!

  4. I think I have a dozen of those little miniature dragons living right HERE in my very own home! Fancy I never spotted one of them! They’re sO tricky! If someone gets eaten I WON’T be held responsible because it will only be a dragon doing what dragons DO… but they MUST be free to do it!

    I can’t WAIT to see what your new challenge is — but being that it goes up at MIDNIGHT HAWAIIAN TIME means that I probably won’t discover it until after church tomorrow… and I might not GET to it until almost midnight MELLI time… cuz Sunday is Luzi Lu’s birthday party!!!! (which I’m sure is NOwhere near as important as your photo hunt… but I’m already committed! … or should be…)

  5. a miniature dragon… now, that explains a lot 🙂
    i thought the eurpoean dragon was extinct, though.

    a new meme? can’t wait…

  6. Thanks for the history on Western dragons…most of us have been posting Asian dragons. I’m so glad you’re doing a photo challenge for next week. I’ll be there midnight Saturday night after I figure out my time (EDT) and your time…

  7. Andrew — and what of my storying, huh?

    Mar — if you do see the European one, you’d better hope it doesn’t see you!

    Alice — this one will be so easy, Reba will likely want to play. But I am hoping it will be fun and creative.

    Carletta — I had one at home and two in my classroom!

    Melli — okay, I will give Luz’s birthday precedence — but just this once. Don’t try this again next time!

    Carver — thank you.

    Polona — the European Dragon wants you to think he’s extinct!

    Mary — and I can’t believe I couldn’t find any Asian dragons here in Hawaii! (Okay, I did post two, but I’m sure I missed HUNDREDS!)

    Gattina — take it up with Melli. She made me do it!

    Amber — you don’t have to get up early. My post will still be there when you get there!

    Shelly — sometimes those little dragons trip us in just the right places.

    Dr. John — I liked yours better.

    TLP — you are old and tough. The dragon would have to chew forever to pierce your hide, and while he was trying you’d be haranguing him and that would upset his stomach. You know as well as I do he’d spit you out none the worse for wear. Remember to bottle the dragon spit. It has strong magical properties.

  8. That’s wonderful, Quilly. I’m not going to tell Reba until tomorrow tho. She’s sleeping and will be sooooo excited to be able to play along ‘woof’ us, as she’d say.

    See you in a few hours, haha.

  9. Love your dragons and cute stories to go with. I think I am very familiar with the jokster dragon.

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