Church on Sunday

Ella came to church with us on Sunday.  Here is a picture of the sanctuary.  I waited to take the picture after the sanctuary was empty because I didn’t want to be disrespectful to anybody’s worship.

Harris United Methodist Church

Harris United Methodist Church

After church OC went off to choir practice and I invited Ella to join me at the Women’s luncheon, but she decided to hang out in the Serenity Garden instead.

Ella Serene

Later when I went to check on her, she said she’d been sitting there the whole while, but she seemed quite refreshed after such a long stint in the sun, and I noticed little elephant foot prints crisscrossing the sand.  She admitted that she had slipped into the nice air conditioned choir room for just a while and listened to them rehearse.  We have no pictures of that because she thought she would get in trouble.

After church, we went to a pool party.  Stay tuned for some pics of a real party animal.  (Well, don’t stay TOO tuned.  I am about to go to work and OC has a concert tonight, so it may be a few (24 or so) hours before the pool pics get processed.

5 thoughts on “Church on Sunday

  1. Oh I’m sO glad Ella got to service! She is such a good little Christian elephant! Most of the time…

    Quilly – is that a NEW church in your new neighborhood? Or is that the church behind the (was it McDonalds? or Burger King?)? It is beauuuuuuutiful! I sO envy OC being in the choir. I bet he sings beautifully… How come sOMe people get sO much musical talent? And others of us get none? *heeeere it comes* … NO FAIR!!!

  2. Melli — this church is in Honolulu — in fact, it is on the edge of China town. It is still 20 minutes from our house, but the people there are great and the pastors are wonderful. And I can’t sing worth beans, either.

    Polona — she likes her music.

  3. What a beautiful spot for a wee Ella Phlint to meditate for the afternoon, and I sure don’t blame her for slipping into the air conditioned room for awhile to enjoy the music and cool down a bit before returning to her meditation. She is so cute.

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