The Weekend


In the morning, Thom came by with his new camera.  He said he wanted my help, but really, he didn’t.  I showed him the button to turn his flash on and off, and I showed him how to make his macro setting work.  I also showed him where to find the index in his camera manual. [rolls eyes]  Mostly he just showed off his camera.


Thom taking a photograph of me taking a photograph of him.

After Thom left, I made toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch and got ready to go to the Island Wide Handbell Choir Workshop. I was at the workshop from 12:30 to 4:30 and while I was there I learned how to be an even better ding-a-ling.

After the Handbell Workshop, I made a dash to Safeway for yummies, then I went by Amoeba’s office and collected him, and we went to Kuli’ou’ou Beach Park to join Thom and company at their pretty-darn-regular weekend picnic. We had a lovely time talking and eating and laughing. I am pretty certain Thom has some hilarious photos to share.

These photos are of the park, but I actually took them Friday evening when Amoeba and I walked down to the beach and enjoyed the sunset.

Night Flight

Maunalua Bay Sunset

This photo was taken not too long after the sun began to set. The birds are egrets flying in to find their night roosts.

Sunset Over Paiko Lagoon

Sunet Over Paiko Lagoon

This was among the last photos of the evening, as the sun swiftly sank into the sea.  Paiko Lagoon is part of the bird sanctuary adjacent to Maunalua Bay & Kuli’ou’ou Beach Park.

After dark we enjoyed the gentle ocean breeze and a lively group of ukulele players who exhausted every Hawaiian tune ever written and then regaled the park with Christmas carols.   We especially enjoyed the Elvis impersonator.  No pics of them though, the shade they were in hid them from the camera.


Tomorrow morning we have to be to church by 9:00 a.m. because of my Sunday School class.  At 10:00 a.m. I have bell choir rehearsal (yes, more) and at 10:30 the worship service begins.  The beginner’s handbell choir (that’s my group) is playing the prelude.  After church, Amoeba has choir practice.

After choir practice we are going to Gigi’s to meet several other local bloggers and have a lovely lunch.  I think it is very generous of Gigi to plan and host this gathering.  We are very much looking forward to the afternoon.

After Gigi’s party we have to return to church because I am speaking at the 5:00 p.m. service.  If you return to this blog at 5:00 p.m. HST, I have set the message to auto-post, so you can read what I am sharing with the congregation.  (Dr. John, I do believe it is God’s message.  It certainly isn’t what I thought I was planning to write about — this is just what emerged from my keyboard after all the study and prayer — and you probably know even better than I that even though I very carefully wrote this out word-for-word, it may not be exactly what emerges from my mouth tomorrow.)

Finally, after church we will come home and put up Punny Monday — which isn’t half as hard as it’s been the last two times — and then I can have a nice long nap!

So now you all know why you’ve not seem much of me today, and won’t see much of me on Sunday!

Designing Elephants

I just came back from a special church website meeting called specifically to ask for design changes.  The committee said, “We want you to do this!”

I said, “I can do this, but if I do, you lose that.”

Silence.  Head scratching.  “Oh.  But we really like that.”

I nod my head.  “This and that are attached*.  If I remove the one, the other goes, too.”

More silence.  More head scratching.

“Okay,” they decide.  “No changes.”  For now.

Amoeba told me about Ambrose Bierce’s definition for elephant.  I am keeping it in mind to comfort me through the church website design.

ELEPHANT, n. a mouse designed by a committee


*They wanted me to remove links, but keep pages.  Okay.  But without the links, how does one get to the pages?   O_o

But really, they aren’t as silly as they sound. Because I don’t have any of the links activated (I have no content yet) they didn’t understand the function of the left sidebar.  I think they’re happy — for now.

If you haven’t seen the website yet and are curious, it is still under construction, but what there is of it is here:

Harris United Methodist Church

Bells Will Ring!

Harris United Methodist Church held their Spring Concert this afternoon and I was one of the ringers in the Heavenly Handbells Choir.  We played two tunes, “Awesome God” and “All Glory, Laud & Honor.”  During the preconcert rehearsal we couldn’t get it together for some reason and sounded horrible.  Luckily during the concert itself both songs went off without a hitch.  I guess, if you’re only going to play the song correctly once, it is best to save it for the big show.

Amoeba couldn’t be at my concert.  While I was playing handbells he was sitting in an Indian Restaurant eating Tandoori Chicken with a bunch of his colleagues, and since the restaurant in question just happens to be in Houston, there was no popping over to have a listen.  I figured that the only friends I’d have at the concert would be the ones playing the other handbells, but it turns out I was wrong.

Thom popped in — despite the fact that he told me he was afraid the church would crumble when he stepped inside.  Many other people were participating in the hour long concert as well, but Thom said he was only staying long enough to listen to me play.   Here is a picture of Thom sitting on a church pew.  He is waving his hand and shaking his head because he didn’t want me recording evidence of this visit.

He was intrigued by the handbells and had lots of questions.  He was very surprised that as well as picking them up and ringing them, we left them on the table and struck them with mallets, which gave an entirely different sound.  In fact, he was very surprised, period, that a bunch of people could ring bells willy-nilly and have a recognizable song emerge.

I was quite surprised when Thom stayed for the entire concert.  He enjoyed the organ pieces and the piano piece, but I think his favorite parts were played by the two handbell choirs.  Just before he bugged-out I commented on how surprised – -and pleased  — I was that he stayed. I also pointed out that the building hadn’t collapsed — it didn’t even give a little shudder.  He said, “Yeah, well, don’t get any ideas.  I’m still a heathen and I’m staying that way!”

But you know, for a heathen, he does a great job of living by the golden rule.  Mahalo, Thom, for stopping by.  It meant a lot to me to have somebody in the audience listening.

(See Thom’s version of this story here.)

(No bus drivers were harmed in the making of this post.)

Church on Sunday

Ella came to church with us on Sunday.  Here is a picture of the sanctuary.  I waited to take the picture after the sanctuary was empty because I didn’t want to be disrespectful to anybody’s worship.

Harris United Methodist Church

Harris United Methodist Church

After church OC went off to choir practice and I invited Ella to join me at the Women’s luncheon, but she decided to hang out in the Serenity Garden instead.

Ella Serene

Later when I went to check on her, she said she’d been sitting there the whole while, but she seemed quite refreshed after such a long stint in the sun, and I noticed little elephant foot prints crisscrossing the sand.  She admitted that she had slipped into the nice air conditioned choir room for just a while and listened to them rehearse.  We have no pictures of that because she thought she would get in trouble.

After church, we went to a pool party.  Stay tuned for some pics of a real party animal.  (Well, don’t stay TOO tuned.  I am about to go to work and OC has a concert tonight, so it may be a few (24 or so) hours before the pool pics get processed.