Yikes! & Off She Goes

Ella has gotten into a plane and flown away. Here are a couple of highlights from her last day here — we went out on the town (Waikiki, of course).

Ella Meets and Greets, eh, Eats.

Ella Meets and Greets Eats.

She found, being short, it was difficult to get people’s attention, but fairly easy to climb up on the coffee table in the lounge and eat all the cheese pizza appetizers.

After the meet and greet we went out on the town. Ella got very excited when she saw the dolphin and asked it for a ride. It obliged.

Ella Rides a Dolphin

Ella Rides a Dolphin

Then, while we were out and about in Waikiki, she met a man sitting quietly on a bench reading a newspaper while folks all around took pictures of him. You know how Ella loves attention. She climbed right up next to him and took a small piece of his fame — or perhaps gave him some of hers.

Ella Meets a Mime

She had a blast in Waikiki, but we had to get home to bed so she could get her beauty sleep.  She was speaking the next day at PodCamp/WordCamp Hawaii 2008.  Here she is, speaking from the podium.

Ella Speaks at WordCamp

Ella Speaks at WordCamp

Afterward she had her photo taken with a couple of very young fans, then we had to run.  She was so tuckered out when it was time to go, she curled up in her travel kennel and went right to sleep.  I predict she doesn’t wake up until she reaches Texas.

Ella & I Are Conventional — Err, Conventioning!

I can’t seem to embed the dang thing on my site, but if you want to see the PodCasts of PodCamp and WordCamp Hawaii 2008, visit Ustream.

Ella, Ryan and I will be speaking in the theater at 3:45 today. Our session is titled, “Making Personal Connections.” Ella and I will be attending the entire conference and since my laptop is no longer mobile, I won’t be blogging — but we’re taking the camera!

AND, immediately after I finish speaking, OC and I are jetting out to his concert performance! We have a busy Friday planned. I hope you can join us for part of it.

Never Trust an Elephant With Your Breakfast

Ella & The Papaya

Ella & The Papaya

Yesterday at the grocery store, Ella said she wished to fix breakfast for OC and I.  She picked out a huge papaya, several bananas, an apple, some walnuts, a quart of Half-n-Half, and some blueberries.  She said she was going to fix us her favorite breakfast of all time, Ella’s Famous Fruit Salad.

As you can imagine, OC and I were very excited about breakfast this morning — until we got to the table.

Breakfast by Ella

Breakfast by Ella

Ella says that first she tasted each ingredient separately, to make certain they were fresh.  Upon approving everything, she chopped, diced and tossed the fruits together.  Next she sprinkled them with sugar — and she tasted them.  Not enough sugar.  She added more and tasted again. It was just right!  So, she poured the Half-n-Half over it all and had one more taste — and it was gone!

I’m sure it was a lovely meal.  And I have heard it is the thought that counts.  Elephants can’t help it if they have much bigger tasters than people, right?  At least Ella’s appetite heart was in the right place.  And she did give me the recipe so I could make the dish myself.  She also suggested it might be best to wait and make it after she’s gone.

Ella on The High Dive

Ella was just floating around in the lower (diving) pool enjoying the breeze, the water, and life in general, when she noticed the high dive.

Is that ledge up there for diving?

I told Ella the ledge was NOT for diving, but at the same time our hostess exclaimed, “Yes, it is!  Do you dive?”

Of course Ella wanted to dive.  I reminded her of the Papaya Tree incident and tried to talk her out of it.  Ella said that I have no spirit of adventure.

She climbed almost to the top and sat down on the ledge.

She climbed almost to the top and sat down on the ledge.

She said that the ledge was scary, and she was afraid she’d miss the water if she jumped from there.  We all agreed.  Ella went ahead and climbed to the top.  Once up there, she looked over the side and saw how far away the diving pool was and how close the lap pool was.  She wanted to dive into the lap pool.

We told her the diving pool was 12 feet deep and made for diving.  The lap pool was only 4.5 feet deep and it was made for swimming laps.  The lap pool just isn’t deep enough to be safe for diving.

Ella decided not to jump.  She also decided not to climb down.  She figured she could live atop the diving board forever if we brought her the occasional salad (say about 8 times per day).

Ella enjoying a fresh fern salad.

Ella enjoying a fresh fern salad.

Our hostess took pity on Ella -- or the ferns -- and climbed to the rescue.

Church on Sunday

Ella came to church with us on Sunday.  Here is a picture of the sanctuary.  I waited to take the picture after the sanctuary was empty because I didn’t want to be disrespectful to anybody’s worship.

Harris United Methodist Church

Harris United Methodist Church

After church OC went off to choir practice and I invited Ella to join me at the Women’s luncheon, but she decided to hang out in the Serenity Garden instead.

Ella Serene

Later when I went to check on her, she said she’d been sitting there the whole while, but she seemed quite refreshed after such a long stint in the sun, and I noticed little elephant foot prints crisscrossing the sand.  She admitted that she had slipped into the nice air conditioned choir room for just a while and listened to them rehearse.  We have no pictures of that because she thought she would get in trouble.

After church, we went to a pool party.  Stay tuned for some pics of a real party animal.  (Well, don’t stay TOO tuned.  I am about to go to work and OC has a concert tonight, so it may be a few (24 or so) hours before the pool pics get processed.