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  1. Quilly, why would you host a cold? Tell the silly thing it is not welcome in your body and to get out… and stay out. May sound crazy, but it works.

    Hope you feel well very soon.

  2. *heads towards the kitchen and puts the kettle on*

    Oh my poor friend, I already passed you a tissue on Twitter, but maybe I’d better get you a good hot tea, with lots of rum and honey this time? Will that make you feel better?

  3. Poor girl, how bad ! next time host me and not a cold ! hope you feel better very soon ! I went through this just before Christmas !

  4. *spraying lysol* Ohhhhh Quilly… *blows a kiss from … ahem… faaaaaar across the room* …. I’m so sorry! I am praying you better! I MISS you! *deposits chicken soup on the kitchen counter and flees!*

  5. Ohhhh I shoulda read you comments first… I guess you don’t need (or even want) my soup… not after Jientje’s TEA! Don’t worry… I’d take that too!

  6. Haughty? No no no… I was thinking CRANKY!!! Sheeeesh… And I don’t NEED a meme to make me do the stuff either — I just think it’s finally a WORTHWHILE meme to DO! And each week it’s a different challenge – LAST week it was to buy lunch for the person behind you in line, or for someone across the restaurant… whatever! Doesn’t have to be just helping — I’m interested to see what *new* ideas that I haven’t done before she might come up with!

  7. Two weeks or 14 days you will feel fine again. Take care and keep hydrated and all that. Really hope you feel better soon. Nyquil helps me feel better and so does the Dayquil. So far no colds in our house, yet. At least the shopping season is over for now.

  8. I feel your pain…I have had a cold the past few days…and let me tell you it’s know fun sneezing post surgery….ouch! Hope you get over your cold soon…

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