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  1. You’re heading for the beach. Is that as in sunbathing and paddling and things? You do know it’s freezing here don’t you?
    (wanders off muttering to self about Quilly tucking into an ice cream cornet)

  2. headed for a beach! and my flat is so cold my nipples start freezing as soon as i step out of the shower. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    nice to hear you’re better, though 🙂

  3. And MY forecast? mOre RAIN… not snow… but close. COLD rain. Soooooooo… HOW do ya pronounce Haleiwa? Let’s see? Ha-lay-wa? Ha-lie-iwa? Alleluia!!!

  4. Hmmm…headcold and beach.
    No headcold and rain, rain, rain…
    do I wanna trade places with you?
    Your headcold will prolly be gone by next weekend…my rain will be here ’til…uh…May?

  5. It got above freezing today, the snow and ice turned to slush, such fun to drive in. Hope you are having too much fun on your Warm Tropical Island Gilligan. :~)

  6. i was really going to hand out the sympathy, until you said you were goin’ to the beach.

    although that is the best place for anybody, anytime.

  7. I took a blog break over the holidays, and I come by here only to find you sneezing and blowing your nose.
    We can’t have this!
    Please take care, drink some tea with honey, and get well soon.

  8. I just read your Twitter. WORN OUT from beachin’ all day. Girl, do you expect us to be jealous or what?
    You know, I’m worn out too!! From walking in the snow all day!!! But I think I’d prefer your beach!

  9. Bazza — no ice cream Comet, though OC and I did share a Lava Flow (hot brownie, vanilla ice cream, hot fuge, macadamia nuts, whip cream). I hope that makes you feel better.

    Juliana — stay in the shower!

    Melli — it started sprinkling as we left the beach, and over night it rained two inches, but today was bright, sunny and gorgeous!

    Dr. John — don’t freeze your … sand pail!

    Shelly — my head cold just turned out to be a new way for my allergies to plague me.

    Bill — you know Gilligan’s Island is not to fat from here, but now it is a science research station and they call it Coconut Island.

    Holly — Sick or well, I loves me some beach.

    JD — “… and an angel came with her little wand, struck me on the head and said, “You’re well! Go out and play!” (Part of a beloved Bill Cosby routine.) I am fine. It’s true. The angel wouldn’t lie to me, now would she?

    Amber — that was probably it!

    Jientje — you got some fabulous photos on your snow walk!

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