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Whew!  It has been a long time since I was here last.  I bet you want to know what I’ve been up to.  Well, for awhile I was down.  I just couldn’t look at the computer screen without my eyes and head screaming in protest.  Since I was also blowing my nose and feeling icky in general, I thought I was coming down with a cold, but OC says it was probably just another bout of allergies, since I wasn’t exhibiting other cold symptoms.  For those couple of days I mostly slept and felt sorry for myself.

Then Saturday came and the scientist —

— said he was going to Haleiwa to look at alga (seaweed) and did I want to come along? Okay, I know that doesn’t sound very exciting to you but let me translate — OC was asking if I wanted to ride with him to the other side of the island and spend the morning beachcombing, and — if the water was clean despite the recent storms — maybe even do some swimming. My answer, of course, was YES!

Haleiwa Photo Slide Show
For some reason this won’t load on my blog.

We returned to the same place we went last time, which isn’t really a swimming spot, but I think you’ll agree that it’s beautiful.  By the time OC finished collecting and examining seaweed, the storm that had been forcasted was coming over the mountain and it was time to leave.

*   *   *

A Hawaiian Language Lesson for Melli and Other Interested Readers: As I have said before, the syllable break on a Hawaiian word is at the vowel.  If there are several vowels in a row, each is it’s own syllable.  So Haleiwa is Ha-le-i-wa.  The Next thing you need to know is that the Hawaiian alphabet doesn’t have the “W” sound in it.  All Ws should be pronounced with a “V” sound — including Havaii!  So, in parts: Ha (like the laugh); Lay; E (like the letter name); Vuh. Four Syllables:  Ha Lay E Va.  Ha Lay E Va.  Ha Lay E Va.  Now, if you’ve got that down, try saying it with the actual word:  Haleiwa.


  1. Well I hope you are feeling better. Great slide show. Real nice. Hmmm. I’ve been saying Haleiwa wrong for 23 years. I’ve been pronuncing the Ay as E bascially. But where I’m confused is I thought the I was pronunced as an E. My question then is where is the ay part coming from in the word?


  2. Thom, you’re right! I just corrected it! The funny thing is, I wrote it correctly the first time, then remembered I always say it wrong and have to be corrected myself, so I went back and changed it! I’ll never get it right (write)!

  3. Nice trip and beautiful pictures. I got photobucket to post the slideshow of our ice storm by logging into my blogger account there. They put it on the blog for me somehow. They don’t keep the password or anything…at least they haven’t hacked me yet.

    We have very high cedar/juniper right now and everyone is down with allergies. Texas has three allergy seasons.

  4. Oh, so pretty. What fabulous wave photos! Glad you decided to go for a little ride with the scientist.
    Did the fresh sea air help you feel any better?

  5. What a beautiful place ! It certainly helped you if it was an allergy ! and thanks for the pronounciation lesson, I think I got it now, my cats checked !

  6. Amber — that won’t work for me since I own my own site. One of the draw backs ….

    Carletta — I thought the fresh air and exercise might blow the gook away. It seems to have worked.

    Shelly — much! So did the spiders, the lizards and the chicken. (As you might guess this story will have a sequel.)

    Gattina — your cats speak HAwaiian?! How cool!

  7. Quilly, It’s great to see you back, and glad you are feeling a bit better. Sometime fresh air and fun just helps change the perspective.

  8. Melli — about noon big black clouds moved in over the mountains. They held off while we ate lunch at a special outdoor bbq, then splattered us as we drove home.

    Ian — Fresh air and fun always lift my spirits.

    Jientje — sometimes I think it is a dream and I keep fearing I’ll wake!

  9. Quilly ~ it is nice to see that you were able to get out and enjoy your day, glad to see that you were felling a bit better.

  10. Bill — thank you. I am so glad that headache is gone!

    Juliana — for French Lessons you’ll have to speak to OC. I don’t know much French beyond fries.

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