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  1. UGH! It is currently 18 degrees out my front door and you took this picture when? Yesterday? That’s IT! I am hoppin’ a plane! This is ridiculous… you get ALL the good stuff! MOM ALWAYS LIKED YOU BEST!

  2. Ha! It’s nine below here, Melli. If I hopped onto a plane for Quilly’s, I’m afraid I’d go through thermal shock! Maybe I could ease my way into it by going through balmy Fargo or Juneau. 😉

  3. That picture is so perfect it looks like a diarama at the museum! Again I say, it is a paradise is which you live. The Iz cd I ordered should be delivered this weekend…finally. One reason I was thinking the Ipod might be an option. They have docking things that charge and play the songs.

    What fun to be going to a class about the camera. It was fun when I went for the knitting classes at TCU that time last fall. 🙂

  4. Lisa — I told OC this picture looked to good to be true!

    Melli — yep! 😉

    Doug — yes, now I wonder, what if I reached my pinnacle on the first day after class, never to do so well again?

    Lisa — LOL!

    Amber — yeah, the photo is almost too perfect. I swear, this is a public garden and I did take the shot!

  5. Well How fun is that? I just read about your college class. Good for you! I thought you were already doing really well with your camera but I am quite the novice myself. That is so cool that you decided to get better at something and are taking the steps to do so. It is all to easy to just sit and dream. But you are doing it.

  6. Thom — he has a class starting tonight at 6:00 p.m. in Kuykendall Hall. If you hustle, you might just make it!

    Juliana — that’s what I said!

    Jules — now you’ve made me feel guilty because I’m not writing!

    Dr. John — and I’m still amazed and grateful for the privilege to live here!

    Holly — I have it on my desktop at work. It looks pretty good there.

  7. I must have been GREEN with jealousy upon seeing this Paradise Photo to have missed commenting. Truly I didn’t realize I didn’t comment. It’s so sharp, so alluring that you should submit it to a travel magazine.

  8. I love the picture of the park. It is cold and foggy. Hope the sun appears sometime soon so I can start feeling all warm and sunny.

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