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I Are in College Again!

I am taking a 5 week photography class at the college titled, Getting to Know Your Camera 1.  Tonight I learned so much stuff, my head is still spining from it all.  I am really excited and I want the sun to come out so I can go try what I learned.

I thought I was going to be the only real novice in the class.  Nope.  Turns out there are 42 other people just like me!  The teacher grouped us by camera model. I sat by a fellow who had a camera just like mine, and he didn’t even know how to take his memory card out and get the photos out of his camera!  I felt much better after hearing that.

The instructor’s teenage daughter, Kai, came to class and was helping as well.  After she checked to make certain my partner and I had figured out how to set our ISO , we started asking her questions, which she happily answered.  Then the instructor asked, “Who knows how to change their shutter speed?”  And my partner and I raised our hands — Kai had just taught us.  Even so, it was nice to be able to be the ones who could help the other people in our group.

I took this photo in class.  This is the media center course catalog & the lens cap from my camera.  The glare marks on the cover were part of the pattern and not caused by my camera.
I took this photo in class. This is the media center course catalog & the lens cap from my camera. The "glare" marks on the cover were part of the pattern and not caused by my camera.

So, my assignment, due by 9 a.m. next Monday: using ISO 200 and shutter speed 125, I am to take photographs which feature 1.) line; 2.) shape; 3.) form 4.) color; and, 5.) texture.  I must take 3 photos of each example at 1.) normal; 2.) normal +1; and 3.) normal -1.  In case you weren’t counting, that 15 pictures: 5 “perfect”, 5 over-exposed; and 5 under-exposed — and I know how to do that!

Stay tuned.


  1. Good for you. After finishing my Master’s, I seem to be searching for ways to quench my thirst for knowledge. That’s partly why I started blogging.

  2. Good for you Quilly. Photography is so out of my league…I’m lucky to get a picture with my iPhone. LOL. I know you will do well. I’ll be interested to find out your progress.

  3. I should learn more about my camera too, but I discover things myself slowly slowly, because when I take lessons I don’t know why, but I never listen !

  4. Wow!!! I would love to come, I still don’t understand all this stuff either!
    I have an award for you on my blog, will you come and get it?

  5. Oh boy! That’s MY kinda homework! I need a good camera so I could take a class too… if our college offered such an animal. Our community college offers NOTHIN’ good! I’d have to travel quiiiiiiite a way to get to a photography class… *sigh*

  6. I’m mostly a point and click kind of photographer, so I am in need of the knowledge you are soaking in through that class. Happy Learning! Sounds like a fun class.

  7. I’d love to be there with you. I got a new camera for Christmas and there are too many bells and whistles!
    Have fun!
    Looking forward to seeing your work.

  8. Bazza — it’s two hours per week!

    Capsun — I am forever looking to learn something new.

    Thom — I once thought photography too dificult for me, but it turns out not to be true!

    Gattina — I was trying to teach myself but the manual is written in Jargon and I couldn’t understand it!

    Jientje — I picked the award up, thank you. Now I am trying to decide what to do with it.

    SN — oh wonderful! Write’m dead!

    Doug — so far, so good.

    Jill — I came home on cloud nine last night. I am learning so much and I was so excited!

    Melli — wish you were here. We could learn together.

    Bill — you will!

    Juliana — I’m pretty sure you know everything this class is going to cover!

    JD — I have heard that photography classes are available in CA– and even, also, in AR as well.

    Carletta — so far I am having a blast!

    Dr. John — as a matter of fact, there are several little cameras in the classroom. The teach had a few tricks for manipulating their settings that he taught those students.

    Cindy — I now have a camera with all the bells and whistles, and I wanted to learn how to use it in manual mode. If all I wanted to do was point and shoot, my little one was working fine.

  9. clap clap clap.

    nice one. i really want to do this. i absolutely will, when i get a few more things off my plate. i don’t have the eye that you and daryl and corey have, but i would like to widen the gap between me and crappy…

  10. Hey Q, (was going to say Hi Q), but… :),

    Super that you’re taking a fun college course & helping the others. You sound so happy.

  11. Holly — I came home from my first class so excited I repeated everything I learned to OC. He kept trying to get me to come down from the ceiling without hurting myself.

    GEL — almost “silly happy”. I love learning new things — and I love putting them in action and getting results.

  12. In reply to your question: I *did* comment on this photo. 🙂
    Scroll down before you throw plates through the computer at me……. 🙂

    love joking w/ you-
    I was so sleepy I must have missed that “Travel guide” gorgeous photo in the post above!Or I thought that I commented on it already. The perils of insomnia made me do that!Or maybe my vision was obscured from trying on my bathing suit, while reading blogs, phonebooks, and cooking in the wee hrs….

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