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An Introduction

If you’d like to meet OC, (also known as Amoeba & O’Ceallaigh) wander over to my photoblog, Quilly Unshuttered, and take a peek at photos #128, #131, & #132.  They are all on the same page, so you won’t have to work to find them.

OC says, I need to find a better model.  I say, my heart has chosen him and I am content.  Besides, my camera seems to like him, too!


  1. I think you made the right choice Quilly, What does OC think about you winning the “Worlds Greatest Business Mind” award. I think it is Awesome you won. I thought you were most deserving.

  2. Thom — better belated than not at all!

    Bill — Oc thought it was well-deserved and he wondered what took them so many years to get around to choosing me. I’m afraid I can’t share it with my readers, thouh. I accidently deleted it with all the Punny Monday stuff!

  3. You won the world’s greatest business mind award and DELETED it! hahaha.. 😉

    The heart choses what the heart wants, and you truly do love him.

  4. Oh Wow Quilly – Congrats…I’m ashamed to ask was it before I started reading your blog? If so I’m relieved that I didn’t know about the award..if not…100 LASHES WITH A NOODLE!!!!!!!!!!!

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