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Melli’s Alphabet Photo Challenge

Melli, our hostess with the mostest, presents:


Week Seven: M & N


An M, on the mountainside above Honolulu.


A closer look.  I started to turn it so you could view the M right side up, but the sky on the right and the horizontal buildings were just too hard on the brain.


There’s an N, right there on the side of the drum.  See it?


An M, and an N and a W!  Jackpot!  But mostly an N.

If you enjoyed this alphabetical vingette, please be sure to visit Melli and click on her links to see who else is playing.  And if you REALLY enjoyed it, grab a camera and play along.  It’s never too late to start.  Next week’s letters are O and P.


  1. THESE are fabulous darling!!! I LOVE your M! I was looking through my shots from my drive down Skyline Drive to see if I could find an M in the mountain TOPS — but you found it in the side! That is just awesome! Your N is great too! And WAY colorful besides!

  2. And you say I have a good eye? You too my friend, I would not have spotted the M on the mountain I think, but there is another one in the skyline, have you seen that one?

  3. Great find with the M – I’m glad you didn’t turn it. I like finding it first without being told it’s there.
    You could use that again. 🙂
    It’s hard to believe we’ve done this for seven weeks!

  4. As I told Melli I just don’t see like you do. I see buildings and trees and opeople and drums. You see Ms and Ns. I can see them once you point them out to me.

  5. Quilly,

    This was fun to look at picture there in Hawaii. I’ll tell you why in an email. Thanks for stopping by. Something you said has triggered some thoughts for a future post. Thanks.

    “Milky Weigh” that was a good one. I have been swamped and my laptop where all my “bookmarked favorites” are there for me to click has been dead for two weeks.

    It’s far from “spring like” here. it was 15 in Michigan yesterday.

  6. What an Inquisitive Eye you have Miss Quilly. It took me a bit to find the M but I did. The N was much easier, remember you used it for the N so you cannot use it again for the W later on. I’m waiting for your Q.

    PS I’ve found your V as well in the top picture.

  7. Ah ha. So there are others see a abstractly. Way to go Dr. John. All I saw was a bicycle pedal for i.

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