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Time For a Change

The Goal

The first Monday of a new month, the promise of Spring in the air, the thought that summer is coming — and a lot of nagging from a friend — lead me to pick March 2nd as the first day of a New Me.  I made a plan, set a realistic, attainable goal (two pounds per week), and decided to eat more sensibly and exercise more.

The Exercise

At work, twice daily if the workload permits, colleagues quietly gather in the conference room, close the door, and toss a Walk-Fit tape into the VCR.  Then we turn on the presentation screen and “walk” a mile (making the day’s total two miles).  Each of us marches in her own little section of space beside the conference table.  We “walk”, we talk and we giggle.

When I joined the group, I increased its number to four.  Two weeks later — yesterday — nine people arrived for the 3:00 p.m. exercise session.  I’m thinking that if our group continues growing, we’re going to have to ask the boss to take that dang big table out of the middle of our gymnasium!

The Diet

I went to work yesterday and one of my colleagues greeted me at my desk with a SLAB of homemade New York Cheese Cake covered in fresh strawberries and REAL whipped cream.  She said, “I made it myself.”

I looked at the luscious dessert.  I looked at her.  I looked again at the luscious dessert — fresh strawberries and real whipped cream — and I said,  “I thought we were eating sensibly and exercising more?”

She said, “Yes.  I’ll see you in exercise class.”

So, my first meal on my, New Me, campaign was a hefty slice of cheese cake smothered in strawberries and whipped cream.  You know, I just might be able to stick to this diet ……


  1. ROFL! I can get with that diet!

    I’ve been doing my own diet and workout. I don’t have a goal per se, because they never really worked for me before. Instead, this is just the way my life is from now on. So far, I have 2-pack abs. lol

  2. *sigh* … Okay… so here’s your solution!

    INTEROFFICE MEMO … of utmost importance!

    Dear Office Matey’s – You know who you are!
    You coming bearing cheese cake, or the whole cookie jar…
    Instead of an office, we think it’s a deli
    The problem occurs when it gets in my belly!
    So from this moment forward, you listen to me…
    I’m not eating your goodies – not ONE calorie!
    When you get to my desk, just pass me right by
    Don’t stop to chatter or even say Hi!
    I’m telling you now – and this is the TRUTH
    In 2009 I WILL lose my caboose!!!

    Just send that out, and then learn THIS word… NO!

  3. I accidentally hit post instead of continuing on…so sorry…

    P.S. Too Melli’s Note you can add this PS

    P.S. Strawberry Fields Forever yum yum
    but I’m singing to a new tune:

    The Vegetable Song
    Sung to: “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”

    Carrots, Peas, and Broccoli,
    Vegetables are good for me.
    For my snack and in my lunch,
    Veggie sticks are great to munch.
    Carrots, Peas, and Broccoli,
    Vegetables are good for me.

  4. I could never say no to a home made piece of cheese cake, especially if my mom made it (as she did last time I visited).

    I actually get quite a bit of exercise at my job, which is kind of funny since it seems like I just drive around all day. But I’m constantly climbing in and out of the “bus” which is a hike for little ole me, then I bend down a ton hooking up the wheelchairs to the safety harnesses, pushing those wheelchairs up hills and ramps. Still, I’m considering joining a gym.

  5. What Dr John said,

    Oh good luck on the exercising and everything. We are allowed to spoil ourselves every so often, as long s we don’t make a habit of it, it should be fine.

  6. If you can melt off the pounds on the cheesecake diet you can write a book and sell billions of copies of it. Move over Atkins!

  7. Strawberries are fruit and fruit is very good for you…right 😉

    It has been very hard trying to stick to my weird diet with so many meetings at cafes, but I’m losing weight. Hang in there with the walking and maybe have a sandwich for dinner, eh?

  8. I can only say your new “spring” life started well, lol ! the only thing I did, I changed the bed(decorative)covers, the warm one against a cotton one ! that was my exercise !

  9. Lisa — well, I have no intention of dieting. I am just going to ease up on the calories and step up the exercise.

    Melli — I like this. Thank you! Oh, and I love you, too.

    Don’t worry, Amoeba, my love. You are still my favorite sweet.

    Juliana — no repeat today though.

    Thom — you know, you spend an awful lot of time on the floor. I hope it’s carpeted. And I like your little ditty. OC won’t after I sing it to him 20 or 30 times — and he might feel it necessary to come looking for you, but I like this little ditty.

    Dr. John — pft.

    SN — there’s exercise, and then there’s exercise.

    Bill — I may have gone overboard in the spoiling department a time or two.

    Jeff — don’t I wish!

    Amber — right — fruit and cheese. Perfectly healthy, sensible and nutritious.

    Mar — to me a balanced diet is one distributed evenly on the plate …
    And I didn’t notice it was your month because I translate Mar into Spanish and you are as deep and mysterious as the sea.

    Gattina — great. Now just do that 30 times in a half hour and you’ll have a great exercise routine.

  10. Darn! I missed your Punny Monday again! Me and 3 of my girlsfriends will be starting Weight Watchers March 14. Why not now, you might ask? Well, as you know, I am on a mini vacation and there is NO WEIGH I am going to watch what I eat! Good luck with your plan, let me know how it’s workin’ for ya.

  11. Yeh, what Dr. John said! 🙂
    I firmly believe even if you’re watching what you’re eating (diet is a four letter word) you still need to treat yourself now and then.

  12. Nessa — I knew I could count on you!

    Zerilda — sugar-free pudding tastes so bad, ?I’d rather go without.

    CL — I’ll add you to the Punny Monday mailing list. AND, nothing has calories when you are on vacation anyway.

    Carletta — in truth, I try not to diet. I still enjoy everything I want to — I just have smaller portions. In the past I also had a rule: I can’t have seconds for at least 20 minutes after finishing my first serving. With that rule I often found I don’t really need seconds because I had no wish to sit patiently at the table waiting for 20 minutes to pass.

  13. I never thought of it that way but I guess i do have a yearning for floors. Carpeted or not. I just hope that you don’t continually feed OC this all the time. Then he would really have reason to come after me, with a harpoon in hand

  14. And now I’m craving cheesecake.

    That exercise group at work sounds like a great idea and I bet it actually increases productivity as well.

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